Agora Financial:

Agora Financial provides in depth analysis as well as independent commentary by creating seminars, on line publications, print ads as well as conference calling. Agora Financial has been in business for over 35 years and still going strong today. Agora Financial is based out of Baltimore Maryland.

In comparison to mainstream media, Agora is the most successful when it comes to creating informational commentary as well as on line publications and reports. Agora is number one within the industry.

Addison Wiggin and David Stockman are two of Agora Financial top editors. Addison Wiggin is the original founder of Agora. In addition, he published two top selling books called “Empire of Debt” and “Day of Reckoning”. These books were so successful that they have been printed in eight other languages.

David Stockman had a career on Wall Street which spanned over two decades. Mr. Stockman has extensive editing as well as writing experience. He also has close ties with several Washington Politicians. David Stockman has done private editorial work for some well known Politicians in the Washington area. Stockman currently writes for the “Bubble Finance Trader”.

Some current breaking news stories that can be found on the Agora Web site include “How to Unlock a Fortune Hiding in Plain Sight” as well as “How Wiretapping Helped me earn $80,00 a Month”.

The article “How to Unlock a Fortune Hiding in Plain Sight”, essentially gives the public pointers how to utilize everyday resources to earn some very big money. For example, an iPhone has capabilities that can make you rich. It is a simple matter of learning how to use the iPhone to unlock that fortune.

The recently published article “Wiretapping Helped me earn $80,00 a Month” tells the story of a man who was flat broke due to a bitter divorce. After experiencing financial ruin due to divorce this person discovered big money in wiretapping.

Finally, Agora Financial provides a variety of unique and useful services. You can obtain additional information about how Agora may help you by logging on to The web site has an help section which can answer many questions.

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End Citizens United Prospers In 2017 Fundraising Efforts

The role of money in politics has been an uncomfortable truth for as long as the United States has been governed. However, the highest ranking laws in the land have always fought to keep money and politics separated. The goal here is to keep politics untainted by money, thus letting the will of the people be heard with their votes. In 2010 the Supreme Court allowed a man named James Bopp to argue on behalf of his right wing think-tank, Citizens United. Their argument was clear and their goal ominous: to loosen the restrictions and regulations that kept money and politics separated.

James Bopp is perhaps the most dangerous man to American ideals in the entire country and the vast majority of people don’t know his name. He has been engaging in a battle against ethics and regulations in politics for over a decade on behalf of his conservative leaders. Bopp first began his assault on the Federal Election Commission in 2008 when he tried to get permission to air a slander-piece aimed at Hillary Clinton while she was on stage debating in the Democratic primaries. The hit piece included outrageous lies, outright slander, and it was all wrapped up in the tidings of a ‘legitimate documentary’. Bopp’s goal was to circumvent the rules of the FEC by masquerading as a documentary filmmaker. The FEC took one look at the transcript for the film and literally laughed him out of court.

Still, in 2010 Bopp would return fighting harder than ever. His case would be heard by the Supreme Court and the ’08 ruling would be thrown aside. Bopp would end up victorious and Citizens United would unleash the floodgates of dark money and special interests into the government. Washington D.C. would never be the same.

Since the infamous Supreme Court decision we have seen a committed effort by the team at End Citizens United work toward undoing Bopp’s work. End Citizens United is run by Tiffany Muller as the President of the political action committee. Her goal is simple and focused: she wants to help put legislators in place to repeal or amend the 2010 Supreme Court decision. Muller knows that she is facing an uphill battle with her team but that makes the fight all the more worthwhile.

Since Donald Trump was elected people have been looking more and more for ways to resist the disastrous administration. This has resulted in a surge of fundraising for End Citizens United as people look for more and more ways to engage politically. End Citizens United has already earned more than $4 million of their stated $35 million goal. If End Citizens United is successful in raising this money they’ll be able to help fund legislators who seek to fight for campaign finance reform.

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Livio Bisterzo’s Incredible Contribution in Inventing Healthiest Snacks

     Livio Bisterzo is the Chief Executive Officer and founder of Green Park Holdings. This is a company that seems to dominate America with the production of a new snack named HIPPEAS. This is a natural snack whose health benefits make it suit for consumption by families. The progress of this company depicted from the production of such healthy snacks is attributed to by the principles upheld by the enterprise. The operations of the company are based on the philosophy of doing good and production of tasty products.

Some of the investors in this company include Actor Leonardo DiCaprio and Seth Rodsky. These investors have contributed a lot in achieving growth for this company. HIPPEAS which is under the management of Livio Bisterzo majors in the production of organic chickpea puffs which come in about six different flavors. These flavors are given memorable names which include Far Out Fajita, Happenin’ Hickory, Pepper Power, Vegan White Cheddar, Mapple Haze and Siracha Sunrise.

These products were first sold in retail stores in March 2016. The revenue earned by this company rose by $2.5 million in 2016. With such progressive growth, the company has high hopes for future and expects to make sales of about $11 million in 2017. Livio Bisterzo who is in charge of operations that led to the invention of these healthy snacks is an Italian entrepreneur who resides in Los Angeles. He pursued his education in University of the Arts in London.

One of the major achievements of Livio Bisterzo rather than the invention of the nutritious snacks is the creation of a company majoring in grooming men’s skincare. The company was founded in 2008 where he partnered with an organization named RNA Corporation to come up with a company called Kyoku. The products of this company were sold in more than 26 countries. The ambitions of Livio in business are depicted by his investment in a Danish Start- up Beverage Company in 2011. The organization named Little Miracles majored in the selling of juice and organic blend of tea. Under his management, the company won several awards and works in more than eighteen countries.

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A Few Facts about NuoDB SQL database

The NuoDB SQL database is an elastic SQL database that is used by cloud-based applications. NuoDB can be classified as a new type of SQL Database, which still supports traditional SQL databases. However, it is now able to incorporate features necessary for the scale out that is common with most cloud applications.
In this type of technology, applications are able to communicate with NuoDB using SQL statements just as they would in a traditional database. However, they diverge from the relational approaches by the fact that they use a three-tier structure that has transactional, storage, and administrative tiers. This approach means that NuoDB is able to work with having to close couple data and its application on a disk drive. This approach has proven cumbersome in some cloud applications.
NuoDB SQL Database technology was developed and marketed by NuoDB Inc. The company was originally known as NimbusDB upon its formation in 2008. The first version of NuoDB was released to the public in January 2013. The creator of this technology is Jim Starkey, who has also founded two other database companies. He retired from an active role in the company in 2012, and now acts as an advisor for the company.

James Dondero Shares His Secrets For Success

James Dondero has exhibited extraordinary aptitude in the money related markets. He’s additionally been plentifully remunerated for his vision and capacity. In any case, there’s something else entirely to Dondero than simply amassing a huge store of riches. He’s a dedicated giver who has a long reputation of offering back to admirable motivation. He’s likewise given an extraordinary incentive to customers that use the administrations of Highland Capital Management.

Achievement has taken after James Dondero wherever he’s worked in the money related world. He had a spell with American Express where he effectively oversaw $1 billion in settled pay stores. He was likewise the main venture officer for Protective Life’s GIC auxiliary. Here he helped the association develop quickly from its start-up stage to a value of $2 billion in the initial five years.

Dondero has truly made his check with Highland Capital Management where he is a prime supporter. He at present fills in as their President and deals with Highland’s procedures for both retail and institutional customers. His strong point is in credit markets and he has almost three many years of experience to draw upon. He was in the vanguard when he built up an item called Collateralized Loan Obligations.

The business has observed Dondero’s ability and skill in the money related world. A few of the assets that he’s been included with have gotten grants from lofty associations. Morningstar is one such illuminator that has perceived his accomplishments.

Different elements in the Dallas zone, where Highland Capital Management is headquartered, have been the recipients of Dondero’s magnanimous attempts. An awesome case is the Dallas Zoo with their new show including the ever famous hippos. Dondero and Highland Capital made a liberal gift which was utilized for the development of the Highland Hippo Hut. It will be utilized for instructive presentations and exceptional occasions at the Zoo.

Another huge venture that has profited from their relationship with Dondero is the Education is Freedom association. They play out the auspicious work of supporting monetarily in danger understudies who wish to seek after a professional education. This gathering additionally helps with tutoring and test readiness. James Dondero is focused on charity and sharing his prosperity.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America Team Up With NantHealth and Allscripts

Cancer Treatment Centers of America recently announced their expanded services with NantHealth and Allscripts. Together, they are implementing a customer solution that is technically sound and permanently secure. For the first time in history, it will enable eviti. Eviti is provided through NantHealth and is solidified as a clinical solution to access different workflows through a company called Allscripts Sunrise electronic health record (EHR). With the technology in the world always advancing so quickly, it’s important for protected healthcare information to become part of the electronic record securely. The process allows the Clinical Pathways program to effectively have the ability to help inform others of the cancer treatment process without the possible interruption of clinical workflow for physicians. The interface of the operating systems was built with the expertise of many oncologists across the world that hold years of experience with evolving cancer care details.

Clinical Pathways was designed with patient care and patient satisfaction in mind. They have been working tirelessly around the clock to provide the best cancer research available along with many forms of treatment solutions and therapies. The oncologists are able to create a list of protocols that include the point of care for all patients, which increases their chances of success and the ease of treatment.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America’s headquarters are located in Boca Raton, Florida. They are a proud national network that consists of five hospitals that is focused on patients that have been diagnosed with cancer. They provide innovative treatment and solutions to help aid in the fighting process of cancer. They are one of the best cancer facilities in the nation and have been helping patients all over the world for many years. They are proud to be able to help many people fight cancer and help them continue to remain in remission.

Lime Crime Cosmetics

Lime Crime is a cosmetic company that makes their cosmetic products vegan friendly and cruelty-free. They also have student discounts for fifteen percent. Their hair dye is looking like it’s very popular with the young generations they are semi-permanent. Which is a lot safer for kids who frequently dye their hair. It’s a lot healthier especially with it being vegan and cruelty free it uses a lot more healthier alternatives then other hair dyes that have harsher chemicals. Also, they have some pretty cute colors as to what I can see. As from comments from the CEO that I’ve read in different articles; he seems very excited about the unicorn hair dye. The pricing isn’t too bad either it’s not too expensive. The dye averages sixteen dollars per bottle. The colors include; tweet, cloud, Kawaii, bubblegum rose, mint ice, moonchild, aesthetic, valentine. Form what I can see they are more of lighter colors some are more like pastel.

They also sell other products such as highlighters and lip balms, they also have eye shadow pallets. And might I say the eye shadow pallets aren’t that expensive either, they average thirty-five dollars per pallet. Now I know that not as cheap as drugstore products however they have good quality and also, they are in fact cheap than products like Sephora, urban decay and the naked pallets. They seem very nice and packaged well I love the way they are packaged myself their presentation is nice. And as far as lipsticks and they have a very wide variety of kinds. They have matt, metallic. That’s just some of them. They also sell pop on nails as well. They are nice they have beautiful colors as well. Well there you have it, lime crime is a great company with a wide variety and great quality and one company I myself would love to try this great comapny and product, Lime Crime.

Highland Capital’s Big Plans for 2017

Highland Capital is a financial firm based out of Dallas, Texas. The company was established by founder James Dondero and has since seen a sharp rise in popularity and income over the years. Dondero has made Highland Capital one of the most interesting investing firms in the country thanks to their unconventional approach to the markets. Today we are going to talk about how Highland Capital is gearing up for a full year of focus on the health care industry thanks to some savvy insight and research done by lead partner Michael Gregory from the Highland Small Cap Equity Fund.

Last year Michael Gregory was one of the key contributors to Highland Capital’s huge year thanks to his focus on investing in oil pipeline partnerships while the price of oil was so low. These investment options ended up making a huge portion of what Highland Capital pulled in during the year. Now Gregory is guiding Highland Capital investors toward their next big industry, the health care field. Health care has been a lightning rod topic to discuss over the past couple of years and it looks like it might be time to start cashing in.

Michael Gregory’s big focus this year is on a few key companies within the health care field. His reasoning for jumping into the health care field was simple; there is an opioid epidemic and the health care industry is starting to take notice. Gregory’s focus is on a pair of pharmaceutical companies that are taking the “public health epidemic” seriously: Collegium Pharmaceutical and Pacira Pharmaceuticals. Collegium is focused on developing a style of oxycodone medication that reduces the potential for addiction in recovering individuals. This medication is called Xtampza ER and will be available to over 200 million people once it goes live. The second company, Pacira, is focused on a drug called Exparel. Exparel will be used as a pain reliever for patients who are recovering from various routine soft tissue injuries as well as orthopedic routines. Gregory believes both of those drugs will make a huge difference on the market in the near future.

Fantasy Football Rankings Provide Clues To This Seasons Breakout Stars

Preparing for a draft means exploring the fantasy football rankings to look for players in the WR1 category to make sure every receiving team has a high-quality starter when the draft is complete. Fantasy football rankings also give an indication of those players who are sitting just outside the elite WR1 category and could make the leap to that level in the coming season; fantasy football owners haven’t seen Martavis Bryant of the Pittsburgh Steelers since 2015 when he continued an impressive display at the end of the 2014 season with multiple catches in games with different quarterbacks leading the team and a skill set that could drive him to WR1 level in 2017.

The Fantasy Footballers” provide an effective service for all those looking to make the most of the fantasy football rankings to build the best possible squad during their 2017 draft. A podcast designed to provide information to complement fantasy football rankings that do not always give information on injuries and team issues often discussed by “The Fantasy Footballers”.

Beating The Odds Is A Big Job

Sometimes in United States history, there are men with agendas to make big changes in the law of the land. There are examples such as immigration policies, right to life issues, and civil liberties just to name a few. In millennial style, one of the newer examples of these sociopolitical winds of change is a Supreme Court decision titled Citizens United and the man named James Bopp who champions its cause.

When one has the muscle of the Republican Party and some very strong financial backing from a constituency that is steeped in a tradition of “business as usual”, big things can occur. There is a reason why theirs is known as the Grand Old Party (GOP). And, the simple fact is James Bopp is somewhat of a maverick opponent with more than one fray in the litigation arena under his belt. His arguments are often radical in their nature and just a bit audacious in delivery, but somehow he finds himself making them time after time after in front of the Supreme Court.

Some of his fellow lawyers and those who work within the field have the experience of learning over time to not underestimate his patience and professional skill. It is not so much his approach that make him and his reason such a formidable force. Really it comes down to his strategy and feeling of the field. In fact, the Citizens United case he is partially responsible precedes and holds responsibility for a response known as End Citizens United. And, just as clever and savvy as the man is himself, this Political Action Committee (PAC) has a way of making things happen themselves.

At the heart of the matter, End Citizens United has two major fights on their hands, however they also so have the capacity two handle both challenges. As the name suggests, the very first item on their to-do list is to overturn the Supreme Court’s decision, which by no means is an easy or frequently completed task. That does not necessarily mean that there is not a will or way to get things started most effectively.

Sometimes you have to fight fire with fire. And, at other times, you have to fight fire with water. When End Citizens United gathers millions in the first quarter, and they have plans to haul multiple times more by the end of crucial voting years, that is using their own opponents strengths against them. And, when that gathering of financial backing comes from hundreds of thousands of supporters with projected hundreds more to come, some good happens. There is power to make some strategic moves of their own, such as placing key Democratic Party representatives in congress. Moves like these are the start to getting enough voices to in the House to overturn the Supreme Court.