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Kim Dao Tries Lolita


In this video, Kim Dao is joined by RinRinDoll and they have done a style swap, so RinRin is in Kim’s style and Kim will be in RinRin’s style. RinRin says that any makeup style will do, so today RinRin will be giving Kim a dolly look ( First Kim is getting a base on her eyes starting with Majolica Majorca WT963 eyeshadow on her eyelids. Next a pink Majolica Majorca eyeshadow on the outer corners of Kim’s eyes. Then Kim’s eye line is being extended with Etude House Fantastic Color Eyes Eyeshadow followed by more Majolica Majorca eyeshadow. Kim then has the area underneath her eyes highlighted with more Majolica Majorca WT963 eyeshadow to make her eyes stand out more. Etude House Play 101 Black eyeliner pencil is used to fill in Kim’s eyelashes followed by a Clio Black Eyeliner. Kim then applies mascara on herself. After Kim is finished apply mascara RinRin fills in Kim’s Eyebrows with and Etude House Drawing Pencil. Then red lip balm is applied under Kim’s eyes and across her nose. Kim then has Elle Girl eyelashes put on her. Napoleon Perdis Ultimate Contour highlight is then applied on Kim’s face. Afterward, a light pink lipstick by Missha is applied, then redder lipstick by the same brand and finally a lot of Liole brand lip gloss is applied all over Kim’s lips. Then lotion, RinRin says any lotion will do, is applied at the edge of Kim’s eyes with glitter being placed on top. The final touch to Kim’s Lolita look is a bow on top of her head. Learn more: