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What The UKV PLC Recommends In Wine Investing

The French have such an archaic system of labeling wine that it leaves inexperienced tasters confused on what to look for. UKV PLC’s guest post in the French Tribune clears up how French labeling works.

The French truly believe that geographical location is the most important aspect that defines the value of the wine. Environmental differences will have a certain effect on the grapes that changes taste and color. This is why bottles are labeled by region rather than the type of grape used. The UKV PLC have their wines labeled in their store so that there is less confusion when selecting bottles.

UKV PLC believes that wine is more than just a luxury drink, but rather a long term investment. Many of France’s finest wines have appreciated in value, essentially making them an investment. It is such a complex market to navigate through, so using UKV PLC as a guide will lead you to the right bottles to invest in.

UKV PLC is a big fan of Bordeaux wines since they are widely recognized and sought after internationally. This is one of the largest wine producing regions of France with over 10,000 individual producers. This is also one of the most exported wines, essentially the absolute brand name in French wines.

The UKV PLC also recommends Burgundy for high quality white wines. Chardonnay grapes are grown in this region to make light and fruity spirits. The Côte de Beaune Chardonnay is the most famous bottle from this region of France.

For The Love Of Wine

Those who have a taste for exquisite and rare wines understand how difficult the sought after vintages are to find. The Antique Wine Company takes all the work out of finding the perfect wine for any occasion with their recording breaking collection and superb commitment to quality.

Established in 1982 by Stephen Williams, the Antique Wine Company is based in London England and serves over 70 countries throughout the globe. Their love of fine wine has been the foundation by which the company has created its’ services. The Antique Wine Company has a record breaking collection which boasts of 10,000 of the world’s rarest and most exclusive wines according to Facebook, thus enabling its’ patrons to have a vast selection which will be the ideal accompaniment for any event, meal, or collection.

This renowned company specializes in not only providing exclusive bottles, but also in authenticating their origin and age. Knowledgable and experienced Sommeliers use advanced technology to ensure each bottle has not only been properly stored, but also is a truly authentic piece. By using ion beam analysis the company is able to verify age with a extremely small margin of error without effecting the flavor of the original wine. Thus enabling them to provide truly authentic and original pieces to those who wish to expand collections or to consume a truly vintage piece, they even freely provide educational opportunities online, via social media, to help teach more people about what makes wine so easy to love.

Not only does the Antique Wine Company provide consumers with an impeccable experience and wine selection, they also offer an array of services to provide the ideal climate to store and organize collections. Building upon their knowledge and exposure, Antique Wine Company has departments within the corporation that specialize in designing and constructing wine cellars which will maintain the wine in perfect condition and flavor.

Their love of all things related to fine drink is the basis in which they work to create ideal environments for moving, storing, and displaying collections. The highly specialized team also is able to assist consumers in cellar management as well as insuring single pieces and collections.  Not to mention some great reading material to better study the wines you’re looking to store.

While the foundation behind the business is their vast collections of rare wines, they also are a company with a heart, who wish to educate as well as give back to the public. Recently, to assist victims of Typhoon Yolanda, Antique Wine Company donated Chateau Haut-Brion for a benefit dinner. They also offer an array of classes and tasting, teaching others the ins and outs of fine wines, as well as encouraging true appreciation of wine in general. Their events and courses span the globe, as they strive to share their appreciation of fine and rare wines.

For all things wine, rare, aged, unique, or other wise hard to find; the Antique Wine Company is the first place to look. Their dedication to the proliferation, education, and true enjoyment of vintage pieces is the foundational principal on which the business stems.