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Whole Foods Accused Of Overcharging For Their Pre-Packaged Foods In New York

A Department Of Consumer Affairs Investigation Found The Whole Foods New York Stores Were Overstating Weights Of Pre-Packaged Products

Whole Foods has some explaining to do. An Investigation by the Department of Consumer Affairs didn’t come out the way the chain expected. The investigators say the food chain has been overstating the weight of dairy products, meat and baked goods. In other words, Whole Foods is cheating customers in order to add more money to their bottom line.

The investigators tested 80 different packages, and all of them had overstated weight figures on the labels reports Mikal Watts. The weight difference cost consumers anywhere from $0.80 a package to $15 depending on what was in the package.

Whole Foods denies the Department of Consumer Affairs claim. A spokesman for the chain said the DCA has not given them any proof that the packages were mislabeled. Whole Foods has a policy in place that refunds money to consumers when pre-packaged items are mislabeled.

This is not the first time Whole Foods has had pricing issues. In 2012, the California stores were caught in a pricing scandal. The chain paid a $800,000 fine in that case.