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Trusting Securus Technologies to Keep a Prison Safe

As part of a team of corrections officers who works in a very dangerous jail, we have to have our heads on a swivel in order to stay out of trouble with violence behind those prison walls. When inmates can get their hands on weapons and drugs, every officer, inmate, visitor, contractor, and employee of the jail is in danger. Luckily we have a few resources we have come to rely on that have really changed the way that we keep the prison safe.


One thing that we do every day is take the dogs throughout the jail and into inmate cells and search for any illegal contraband. When you can take away these things before the inmates can use them, you can reduce the incidents in the jail. We also have measures we take in the visitor center so family or friends can not slip anything to the inmates that they should not have in their possession.


Another resource we have was provided to the staff only this year. Securus Technologies installed a modern inmate call monitoring system that can not pick up and alert officers to chatter about certain subjects. When we are searching for drugs, the LBS software does the work of several officers and tips us off to conversation about the subject matter. This gives us a huge advantage that allows us to be able to clean up the jail more quickly and safely.


As inmates are talking on the phone about drugs in their cells, it allows us to safely pinpoint a location and get the resources there immediately. When inmates talk about smuggling drugs in, we get a team to the visitor center and intercept the parties and take anything away they should not have. Securus Technologies has been key in helping keep our jail much safer.


Watch Out Criminals! Securus Technologies Is Coming For You

I could imagine that it is very frustrating interviewing a criminal. Of course, they have the Fifth Amendment protections afforded to them by the Bill of Rights. They can simply hide behind their own silence while you spin your wheels trying to prove they committed a crime even though you know they did it.


That’s why I think it is so cool what Securus Technologies is doing for the police officers in our communities. This company allows investigators to listen to criminal’s telephone calls.


Before you go getting upset at that statement, you need to understand exactly how they do it. They are not breaking the fourth amendment of the Constitution. All of these telephone calls are going into or out of a prison. Prisoners have forfeited their fourth amendment protections because of their convictions. Every single phone call that goes into a prison can be listened to by law enforcement officers without a warrant.


Securus Technologies allows law enforcement officers to listen to these phone calls. But the company goes even further. They record all of these telecommunications digitally. These recordings are then logged away for posterity. As you can imagine, there are hundreds of thousands of telephone calls every day made out of prisons inside the United States. This can create quite a massive database that would be nearly impossible to search if it were not for proprietary software developed by Securus Technologies.


Police can search all of these telephone records for particular words or phrases, or for one person’s vocal fingerprint. Everybody has a unique voice. The software understands the uniqueness of everyone’s voice and can match it to any recording inside the database. A police officer can simply go to Securus Technologies to ask for every phone recording involving a particular person in order to get information from that person whether they know it or not.


Getting to Know Securus Technologies

It is so difficult for prison families to keep in touch with their loved ones because of the security measures that a lot of Prisons put into place. It is simply not easy for so many people to make trips to the prison because their loved one may not even be located near their home and it can be incredibly inconvenient to them and their schedules. It is very important that you utilize a company like Securus to completely transform the way you view Prison Communication. My own experience using this amazing company has been one of great success and it is why I let people know about this great company and what it is able to do for them and their loved ones.


Securus has also launched a multi-state campaign that enables people to learn more about the different services and options that they have available to prison families all over the country no matter where they happen to be located. This is a great way for you to feel confident in your decision to use this amazing company and to find out more about the different video visitation services that you can easily utilize in your own life.


Not only has this multi-state campaign allowed more and more people to find out about this amazing company, but it is also letting people know that there was a different option available to them so that they do not necessarily only have the option to visit the prison to see their loved one face to face. It is great to know that there are different types of services out there that you can make use of and this is something that you will find incredibly beneficial in your own life no matter how many people you have in prison or how often you want to be able to keep in touch with them.


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