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Avaaz, a Global Network for Positive Change

Whether it’s smartphones or the Internet, technology today links almost everyone on Earth. One group has used that interdependence to try and make the world a better place for all. Avaaz, an international activist organization, uses an expansive network of digitally connected members around the globe to raise awareness about issues affecting some of the world’s most vulnerable communities. Founded in 2007 by Ricken Patel, who was called “the global leader of online protest” by the Guardian, Avaaz’s name comes from an Indo-European word for “voice”. Avaaz uses the collective voice of its more than 44 million members in almost all of the world’s countries to direct public and media attention to issues, contact politicians and lawmakers, and even organize protests and marches. Oppressive governments, corrupt corporations and hate groups have all been challenged by Avaaz members worldwide. Besides raising awareness and demonstrating, Avaaz also takes action to help. Avaaz’s network of members has raised millions in emergency aid for cyclone victims in Burma and earthquake survivors in Nepal in a matter of hours, thanks to the power of the Internet. Along with issues affecting people, Avaaz also prioritizes saving the planet. Avaaz has been involved in a number of ecological causes, like rallying for an end to whaling and protecting coral reefs. In Borneo, thousands of Avaaz members raised money to purchase hundreds of acres of rain forest, while in Europe a massive Avaaz campaign played a part in passing a ban on a dangerous bee-killing pesticide. By allowing users to create and organize online petitions and donate with the click of a button, Avaaz has made taking action and making a difference accessible to anyone, anywhere in the world.2

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Understanding Kabbalah

The origin of Kabbalah is from the ancient Babylon. Its Science has not been fully disclosed to all the people of the world. It had remained hidden from human beings, but it appeared more than four thousand years ago. There is an undying allure of Kabbalah from various groups of individuals because of such concealment. There are many notable people among them high Scientists such as Newton, Pico Della Mirandola and Leibniz who have tried to understand the Science of Kabbalah but to no avail. It is only a few people who are experienced and who have known the Science.

It has not been easy to understand the Science of Kabbalah and its teachings because it does not talk about the world. Not many people can be able to know what cannot be seen by naked eyes or touched by bare hands. Also, people understand what they have experienced and what they have never experienced in their life. There have been different beliefs by the people of the world which are connected to Kabbalah for a long time. Things such as curses, spells, and miracles are not what Kabbalah entails despite various groups of people having such beliefs. All this is based on misinterpretations and misconceptions. Here are the proper ways of Kabbalah.There is a creator who can also be regarded as a great force. There are governing powers that come from the high energy to the world. The top power creates human beings, and it is the creator. There are many forces, but it doesn’t matter for people to know all these forces. There are forces that we already know such as the strength of gravity, the force of electromagnet and other forces such as the power of thought. There are other significant effects that we do not know and are hidden.

The ultimate force is called the Creator. The Creator sums up all the forces that exist in the world. The upper force was responsible for upper worlds. There is what is called Machsom, which is a barrier separating the upper worlds and our world. There is “the Creator” who is also referred to as “the World of Infinity.” It is the force that came to all the worlds giving birth to the earth and humans. The Kabbalah Science does not study people and their world like the traditional Science. It studies all that exist beyond the machsom force.

Clay Siegall Extends Support For Development Of Modern Cancer Therapy Methods

Many research institutes have been working to find a reliable cure for cancer and some of the most established brands have been in this race to deliver solutions to the menace. One of the companies that have proved to offer unique and reliable solutions is Seattle Genetics, which was founded in 1998. The co-founder and CEO of Seattle Genetics, Clay B. Siegall, expressed hope in the efforts the company has been applying towards research to reveal the best ways to deal with the cancer menace. He cited that his company is looking to expand its research into highly sophisticated methods of dealing with the cancer menace.

While Seattle Genetics started as a research institute, it has seen many changes that contributed to its growth. Its shares have more than tripled over the past five years and this growth is attributed to the introduction of more drug pipelines and the success of their ADC Technology that has been gradually gaining ground across different countries.

Seattle Genetics also works in conjunction with some of the best companies in the drug manufacture, which include GlaxoSmithKline and Pfizer. It is due to the leadership the company enjoys through Clay Siegall that most of these projects have been possible. Seattle Genetics often conducts research through clinical trials and methods that are advanced and meant to deliver solutions that are modern and reliable to the treatment of cancer and other terminal illnesses.

More about Clay Siegall

Clay Siegall is the Chief Executive Officer and President of Seattle Genetics, which has been operational since 1998. He co-founded the company and his academic background as a scientist helped to place it on a higher platform that was based on research and the development of solutions to help in cancer treatment and other diseases.

Before founding Seattle Genetics, Clay Siegall worked with the Bristol-Meyers Squibb Pharmaceutical Institute between 1991 and 1997. He also served at the National Institute of Health between 1988 and 1991. Clay Siegall has been awarded severally, his most recent being the 2013 Alumnus of the year issued by the University of Maryland. He earned a PhD in Genetics from the University of George Washington.


30 LAZY LIFE HACKS for WEIGHT LOSS That Actually Work!!! How to Lose Weight Easily Without Trying

Wengie Lazy Hacks tells you some lazy hacks to lose weight that actually works!

Wengie’s tips to lose weight;

Wengie starts her 30 hacks off with drinking lemon water, by adding lemon, cucumber, and mint to 2 liters of water. You will get a refreshing drink! This mixture not only helps with weight loss but it helps with clear skin! Speaking of water; did you know that drinking two cups of cold water in the morning helps boost metabolism. Wengie explains that eating from a smaller plate helps you to become fuller faster, because the food fills the plate so it is looks like you have a larger portion. Studies show that if you don’t get enough sleep its bad for your bodies metabolism. So make sure your are getting your beauty sleep.

Losing weight with lazy exercise hacks;

Some tips to help you to work out more is to wear a device that tracks your steps, noting that you might have a goal that you meed to meet, it is easier to try and meet it. Make goals everyday, look at motivation and start out slow. When exercising make sure you have a snack. If you have smaller meals but more frequently it lowers your glucose level. Try to do high intensity activities that will break a sweat!

Pamper yourself;

Did you know that chronic stress is a common factor for weight gain. Pamper yourself, take bubble baths, get a manicure and just sit back and relax. Clear your mind, sometimes you have to put yourself first and make sure your body is doing okay.

How To Edit a Wikipedia Page

Wikipedia page creation is not a straightforward process. First, you will need to learn how Wikipedia works. Learning the ins and outs of Wikipedia will help ensure your page is approved and created. Read many articles to ensure your page won’t be challenged or deleted after you have submitted it for review.

Once you are armed with enough information, it is time to create a user account with Wikipedia. You must be a registered user to create or edit Wikipedia articles and pages. The process of creating an account is also straightforward. You only need to enter your real name and valid email address.

Start by making slight changes to existing articles and pages to test your editing skills. Start with pages that you are already familiar. If it is an existing content, start with areas of your specialization. By making small edits, you will be able to build your Wikipedia user profile and get familiar with site’s content.

A Wikipedia page cannot have a meaning without content. Begin gathering sources of the content that you want to create. Enough sources will save you a considerable amount of time once you embark of creating your articles. Wikipedia is an encyclopedia, but not a marketing tool. So, everything on a particular page needs to be verified. The content must be factual, represented and unbiased.

Once you have created your content, you will need to format it to comply with Wikipedia requirements. You can either pasted your content into the Wikipedia interface and then format it or use a third party formatting tool to format it. Formatting the page using Wikipedia code is a little tricky even if you’re HTML savvy. Some of the third-party tools are also unreliable. You can hire someone to do it for you.

Get Your Wiki is one of the best Wikipedia writing companies that can help create or edit your Wikipedia page and content. This company will help you create articles that comply with Wikipedia’s Manual of Style. They produce Wikipedia pages that are supported by verifiable sources and references. The company guarantees that your page will be approved. In any case it fails to get approval; they will refund your money.

The final process of creating a Wikipedia page is to submit the page to Wikipedia for review. The approval process can take few days or even weeks to complete.

Five Popular Fast Food Burger Toppings

A burger is one of the most popular of all fast food items. Americans are particularly fond of burgers in various forms. Some prefer to make their own burgers while others like fast food burgers from major chains. A recent analysis has revealed five particularly popular burger toppings offered by such places.

Topping the list was bacon. Bacon is a favorite topping for many people. Some people like it thickly cut while others prefer it in the form of a sauce slathered on the burger. Another highly popular burger topping are spicy sauces of all kinds. Americans have embraced spicy sauces as a way of adding lively flavor to the burgers. Business leader Sultan Alhokair loves spicy sauce. Such sauces are commonly offered as both a topping and an optional condiment.

Many burger chains also offer menu items on their burgers that can easily double as a side dish. Popular toppings include onion rings, french fries, and chili. Flavored sauces of all kinds have also become increasingly popular. Many burger chains offer customers options such as melted butters with spices, garlic mayonnaise flavored with blue cheese and a topping sauce made from bleu cheese. Barbecue sauces with milder flavors such as honey are also used to top burgers. Many chains are also providing customers with burgers that are topped with other proteins such as pastrami, smoked brisket, shredded pork and rare roast beef.

Drinking And Calories

When you look at how many calories are in some of the beverages you may drink, you might be surprised to find that they are equal to some other high-calorie content beverages. Some of the drinks that have the same caloric content as a bag of fries or several pieces of candy include a glass of wine. Many of the alcoholic drinks that you consume have several calories in them that you don’t think about.

After four or five drinks, you’re reaching the territory of consuming the same amount of calories in the dinner of a male the size of Kenneth Griffin! Those who drink on a regular basis might want to consider looking at the side of the bottle before pouring the mixture into a glass, especially if they are drinking more so that they don’t eat all the time.