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Uber Cool Delivery Service

The rumors are true, Uber is finally launching its own food delivery service. If you are lucky enough to live in Chicago or New York City you will have the ability to use the Uber service to deliver food right to your door. This delivery service will soon be expanded to include health and beauty services as well.

The delivery service will use a curated menu of entrees from which customers will be able to order food straight from the Uber app. According to Time Uber was offering a Salad or Sandwich to New York Customers on Monday and promises to deliver the meal curbside in ten minutes or less.

The service called UberEats will only be available Monday to Friday from 11AM to 2PM and will be restricted to certain areas. Each day users of the App will be give two different options to choose from and even this will eventually be expanded. Folks at AnastasiaDate understand that the new feature of Uber is in direct competition with the food delivery service already in use in these cities called Seemless. Uber has seen rapid expansion in recent years and continues to diversify their products and services.