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Your Marriage is in Shape with Patty Rocklage

Your marriage could be rocky and bumpy if you do not take care. During the first few months or years, people always tend to laugh and smile. But after sometime, the friction sets in. This is the time people run to a marriage therapist like Patty Rocklage to get help. However, even couples who are just doing fine they should see a therapist. This is because going to a therapist when the trouble is brewing, you will be too late. If you start attending the therapy classes even when nothing is wrong, you will be preventing the wrong from happening.



The divorce rate for first-time marriages stands at 50% today. When couples break up, they opt to get married to another person. Shocking still, the divorce rate for people who are in their second marriage is even higher at 65%. This shows the problem was not with the first marriage but with the individuals who were in it. It is thus important to seek for information from Patty Rocklage on how the marriage can be made better.



When couples are beginning the therapy, some even despise it. They feel it is a waste of time. Others still imagine of the time they would spend at work or at home watching a favorite program. But once they are through with the program, they just feel it is worth. Over the years, Patty Rocklage has been on the forefront to solve different types of marriage crisis. Patty is in marriage personally and knows the real marriage life.



Patty Rocklage Rocks



Patty has been in the field of marriage therapy for 20 years. In the process, the counselor has seen different types of people and how their marriage is rocky. But one sure thing is that she always has a way out. Since 1981 when she graduated and started practicing, she has learned a lot. She is a certified therapist and has great reviews on what she has done previously. Therefore, if you are struggling with an issue, do not struggle with it alone. Patty is ready to help you get it right. Your marriage can be better with the help of Patty.