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Do You Know About S’well?

S’well is a company known for making reusable and fashionable bottles that are out of the ordinary. The company started humbly accommodating only two people, and the only extra space they had could only accommodate two persons. Today, the company has expanded to have the ability to employ more than 35 employees, and it is no longer a household name, it is a global brand that is respected for its creativity. The bottles are available in different colors and different finishes and shapes. They are also well known for being non-leaching, being non-toxic and being double insulated which helps keep liquids hot for not less than 12 hours and cold for almost 24 hours.

In 2013, the company introduced its bottles in over 120 Starbucks coffee houses in Austin, Texas and Atlanta. The bottles sold promptly, and the company did not need to do any form of advertising. S’well also got a lot of positive response from the same. As of August 2015, the company was planning to introduce 17-ounce bottles in all 33,000 Starbucks coffee shops countrywide. When it comes to matters philanthropic, the company is not left behind, and it actively donates to UNICEF to provide clean drinking water to children from all over the world.

Sarah Kauss is the founder of S’well. She started the company with her savings and her desire to make unique battles made coffee giant Starbucks notice her company. Sprouting from the same was a deal that changed her once humble company to a global brand. The Harvard Business School graduate was able to fulfill her business dream and play her active role in transforming the world to a better place. She is an excellent example of an entrepreneur who never gave up on her dreams to empower herself financially and empower the society by making environmentally friendly products.