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BMG’s Marcio Alaor Honored At Local Fair

To the people of Santo Antonio do Monte the annual agricultural fair is one of the major events on the calender, but this year those who have been assisted by BMG Bank Manager Marcio Alaor saw their friend honored by city officials. The naming of the food court at the 33rd annual agricultural exhibition in Santo Antonio do Monte after Marcio Alaor shows just how highly the financial expert is held in the eyes of his local community.

The Santo Antonio do Monte area is not the perfect choice for creating a thriving agricultural industry, but Marcio Alaor has worked with local farmers to make this one of the top farming areas in Brazil. Now the top milk producer in the central west region of Minas Gerias the farming community has begun to thrive with the aid of Alaor and the BMG Bank. The movement towards making this area a thriving part of the Brazilian economy has been aided by the financial skills of the employees of BMG and the work of Alaor within the local community.

The position of Marcio Alaor within the community was shown by the naming of the food court after the banking executive, and was also shown in the plaque created in his honor by city officials. A number of officials attended the presentation and unveiling of the food court name to show their appreciation for Marcio Alaor. Amongst the respected officials in attendance was President Vilmar Octavian of the Rural Union, who expressed the thanks of his members fort he role Alaor has played in stimulating the growth of the farming community within the Santo Antonio do Monte region.

A number of local officials also attended the ceremony to honor Alaor and the work he has done to help those in need within the city. The Brazilian financial executive was presented with a ceremonial plaque by a number of local officials who explained how grateful they were for the work of Alaor and the fact he has not requested political favors in return for the assistance he has given the city. Marcio Alaor was at pains to point out his work was far from over, despite the fact he felt similar honors are usually reserved for the deceased. Now the Vice President of BMG Bank, Alaor thanked his family and all those he had met through his life for aiding him in his journey from shoeshine boy to a leading Brazilian banking executive.