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What Makes White Shark Media Rise above other Companies

White Shark Media is a digital marketing agency based in the United States. White Shark Media also has offices in Denmark. Specializing in small businesses when it comes to Bing Ads and Google Ads management, the company has developed a reputation of developing solutions that go beyond the customer’s expectations. Some of the areas that the firm has excelled in include Google Analytics implementation, full conversion tracking as well as product listing ads. To ensure that they offer the best services, White Shark Media employs the most talented employees in North America. Among the people who have contributed to the growth of the company is Gary Garth who is also the chief executive officer of the company.


Established in the year 2011, White Shark Media has maintained its offices in Miami, Florida. The company has an annual revenue of $7.5 million and is ranked as one of the fastest growing advertising and marketing company in the US. To respond to its client’s complaints and questions, White Shark Media has maintained its presence in social media. Through its Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts, White Shark Media answers customer’s queries. To educate their customers on various issues, White Shark Media has maintained a blog about the latest trends in the market.


The company is also an equal employer. Some of the notable employees of this company include Andrew Lolk who is the chief marketing officer, Tony Soares who is the director of search engine optimization and director of sales development Aristides Laguna.