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Frank Guerra New Co-Lead Counsel in Syngenta Litigation

PR Newswire reported this week that Frank Guerra has been appointed Co-Lead Counsel in the ongoing litigation against Syngenta Corn. Of course, the news is not surprising given the fact that his firm, Watts Guerra LLP, has been collecting claims against Syngenta for quite some time. In fact, they are estimated to have over 2,100 claims against Syngenta who is being held responsible for the drop in corn price in America. According to the litigation, the problem stems from the use of Syngenta’s genetically modified corn which was mixed into seeds. The issue caused corn prices to drop wholesale across America leaving many farmers that depend on their corn crops out in the cold.

Frank Guerra’s law firm has a long history of working to help bring justice to American workers and businesses. His partner Mikal Watts is known for closing a very impressive injury and death lawsuit against Pradaxa in federal court and was able to get all of the affected parties an astounding $650 million resolution. Watts has an equally impressive history of working hard to help American workers and he no doubt supports Guerra’s appointment as Co-Lead Counsel as the firm takes on another case.

According to the PR Newswire article where the appointment was announced, Guerra was appointed to his position by a judge in Minnesota and it is likely that the action will help to coordinate with other multi-district litigation that is also pending against Syngenta in Kansas.

Guerra commented that he is honored to have the chance to represent and bring justice to farmers in America that have been hurt by the actions of Syngenta. He explained that he worked on the family farm when he was a youth so he knows firsthand what the price in the corn market can do to a farm. He added that his law firm will work hard to make sure that every farmer harmed by Syngenta receives the appropriate financial reparations.