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11 Dishes You Might Eat Should Be the Name

11 dishes which I’m not so sure we should be proud of might be a more fitting title. Being that we are in the land of deep fried everything and food on a stick, not to mention supersize fries and sodas this article showcases 11 foods that well by opinion make you proud to be an American. For example a red, white and blue cake that has a pie baked into it and is just oozing with diabetes. A deep fried Big Mac ( I mean really was in not unhealthy enough?), Carl’s Jr American thick burger that is covered with potato chips, hot dog, ketchup and mustard and does not appear that appetizing in my opinion, caviar topped Twinkies.

Now just who in the h-e-double hockey sticks would have thought of this? Apparently Resident360 said somebody’s mommy and daddy are missing some caviar somewhere. Disgusting! Fish eggs and Twinkies should never be together. Pizza topped pizza however isn’t a bad idea. The Krispy Kreme Hot Dog is right there with the Twinkies covered in fish eggs in my book. Just nasty!

A bacon mac n cheese donut I’m not so sure about. I would say that I might try it if it were free but would not pay to try one. No matter how you look at it America, you can see why we just can weight to eat! The calories are frightening!

Turkey Day Without Turkey? A Vegan Dish to Love-Vegan or Not

Mark Ahn always feels that Thanksgiving has traditionally been about the perfectly oven roasted turkey that everyone waits for all year long. However, the health habits of millions of Americans has changed tremendously over the years. The trend has been to eliminate such things as lactose, gluten, and other elements that some people are allergic to or can not tolerate. But now the health seekers are going after the centerpiece of the table…the turkey.

Throwing a large dinner at Thanksgiving has become a long standing tradition that started when the pilgrims first landed here in America. Orchestrating this enormous and bountiful feast takes strategic planning and expert timing. Cooks everywhere who are able to pull this incredible feast off should be awarded a metal for their performances.

This change in menu may involve nut allergies, lactose intolerance, vegetarian, or vegan needs. To complicate things further, the guest does not like squash, sweet potatoes, or root vegetables. The answer to this chef’s menu dilemma was a caramalized onion and fennel risotto. The dish was popular with the vegan guest as well as the meat eaters that also sat at the table. Through the desire to please a guest, a new traditional family dish has been invited to the table for years to come.