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Arthur Becker’s Path to Real Estate

Head down to the Tribeca neighborhood in downtown Manhattan and you’ll find yourself on the doorsteps to Arthur Becker’s real estate office. Arthur Becker is one of the most prominent and interesting real estate developers in the city and his story is a unique one. Becker originally got his start as a stock trader for Bear Stearns. It was here that he hit it big investing and trading in tech companies during the early 2000s. Arthur Becker transitioned from being a stockbroker and hit the ground running as an investor, entrepreneur, artist, and real estate developer. That’s quite the hyphenate of talent, isn’t it? Check out Ideamensch to know more.

Well, the journey has been anything but to the point but Becker’s career is already something that future entrepreneurs should think of studying. Becker got out of the stock trading game in order to pursue his passion as an investor. Over the years we saw Becker dip into several different industries, all alien to one another. Becker’s most interesting investment is probably his purchasing of a string of macadamia nut farms located in Hawaii. Becker got the tip from a friend and managed to re-sell those farms to a certain cookie maker that you’ve likely heard of: Mrs. Fields. From there Becker got into creating and selling his own origami artwork as well as investing in other art. Becker has also made a habit of collecting and re-selling ancient currency from South African countries. As a former banker, Becker is always interested in seeing how money impacted prior cultures and generators.

The point of this journey, as you’ll soon find out, was to get to a place where real estate was viable. Becker jumped into the New York real estate game by becoming a silent partner — the money man for bigger investors. Becker has already partnered up on several big projects in New York including the development called Billionaires’ Row which is at 111 West 57th Street. Becker has provided finances to Michael Stern, Kevin Maloney, and Robert Gladstone. Learning from these big wig investors has been a great way for Becker to prepare himself for his own solo project, located at 465 Washington Street in Manhattan. More details can be found on Perezhilton.

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