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Do Good and Feel Good With QNET

I love an opportunity to do good in the world. I especially love an opportunity to do good and improve myself at the same time! I recently heard about a program QNET is sponsoring to get clean drinking water to disadvantaged children with your help. What do you have to do? Think positive thoughts.

Does it sound too good to be true? Gandhi inspired the idea of “Raise Yourself to Help Mankind.” In response, QNET created the RYTHM project to do exactly that. By focusing on the positive, and contributing positive thoughts, you will be raising yourself and providing clean water to the world.

Sounds great! So what to you do? Go to the QNET’s Facebook page and post a positive thought to the Positive Thoughts Project page. After 500 positive thoughts have been posted, a HomePure Red water filter will be donated to Taarana school in Malaysia. After a second 500 positive thoughts are posted, a second HomePure Red water filter will be donated to Rashid Center, a school for the disabled in UAE. All you have to do is write a positive comment, and QNET will do the rest!

In exchange for focusing your mind on positive thoughts, you get to give someone else health and life.

QNET, the company sponsoring this program, has a long history of working to improve the world. Working locally and internationally, they truly improve the lives of the needy.

I am so inspired by QNET’s deep commitment to genuinely help others as a corporate policy. I am deeply touched that companies exist that act as responsible corporate citizens, and I am so glad that they work to improve the world in which we all live.

QNET is offering this program for only a month, so you need to act quickly and start thinking positively now. You can contribute three positive thoughts to the program, but keep thinking positive thoughts infinitely. Positive thoughts improve your outlook and your happiness, and they reduce stress and improve your health. Positive thinking might even inspire you to create another amazing program to improve the lives of other citizens of this planet!