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Save Your Brain with Dr. Daniel Amen’s Nutritional Guidelines

Dr. Daniel Amen has discovered a link between the types of foods eaten and the relation to the health of the brain and its normal functions. There are seven areas that outline the types of foods that are best to control and maintain a healthy holistic diet for the body and the brain.

Each person is made up of roughly 80% water. Dr. Daniel Amen recommends that each person consume at least 84 ounces of water each day. Avoid adding sweeteners, caffeine, sugar, or alcohol. Non-carbonated drinks, herbal teas, or water infused with real fruit are qualified replacements.

Dr. Daniel Amen advises that keeping the amount of calorie intake at a minimum will aid in the control of weight and avoid obesity. Keeping track of these calories will also lower the risk of heart disease, stroke, and cancer.

The body requires certain amounts of specific fats to function properly. Fats and oils that come from fish contain a form of omega-3 fatty acids that are beneficial to the function of the gray matter of the brain, the emotional balance, and the retina portion of the eye.

Antioxidants help the body to rid itself of unwanted free radicals. Dr. Daniel Amen recommends foods high in Vitamins C and E and those foods rich in beta carotene such as oranges, cranberries, and kiwi.

Dr. Daniel Amen recommends that a healthy brain diet includes a balance of fat, high fiber carbohydrates, and lean proteins. Reduce and eliminate the simple sugars and replace with healthy alternatives.

Favorite 24
Choosing a list of favorite foods to rely on is Dr. Daniel Amen’s recommendation to help keep people on track with their health goals. Having great and familiar foods to call upon will help to keep the dieter on a positive track.

Dr. Daniel Amen recommends that there is a definite plan for snacks. Carrying such things as dried nuts and fruits will help keep the healthy focus of the diet. This will help to discourage the temptation of less healthy alternatives that may be available when hunger strikes.

Dr. Daniel Amen has discovered and developed a healthy dieting system to enhance the health of the body and the mind. His nutrient-rich diet has evoked the creation of a number of award winning books including “The Daniel Plan,” and he has gained recognition for the treatments of ADD and depression.

Politics! How Sweet It Is!

It is not just the “Land of Sun and Surf and Smoke” these days. It is not the land of “bronzed skin” and healthy bodies lying on the beach. California is a battleground. It is a case of “bureaucrats” versus “fizz.” Those California “health addicts” are not concerned with maryjane. It is sugar that is driving the politicians and health officials. Sounds like a “sweet” battle! Berkley will be voting on a penny tax on soft drinks.

San Francisco will be getting its two cents worth, doubling the suggested tax for its citizens.  Not only that, but the California economy in the Bay Area is thriving with about $9 million being spent by the beverage industry and a little less than half a million by proposal supporters to promote or protest the “wicked” taxes. For details, check out