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OSI Group: Leader of Global Meat Industry

OSI group is one of the leading companies in America which deals with the supply of processed meat to retail and food service clients. Apart from meat, the company also produces valued added protein and products for breakfast, lunches, snacks, desserts, sausages, hot dogs, pizzas, sandwiches, chicken dishes, beef patties, bacon, pork dishes, snacks, side dishes, etc.,

The headquarters of OSI Group is located in Aurora, Illinois. The current CEO of the Company is Sheldon Levin, and the Chief Operating Officer is David McDnald. The company traces its roots back to the early 1900s when a German immigrant named Otto Kolschowsky started a family meat business in Oak Park, Illinois. When the business started booming, he relocated his meat shop to Marywood, Chicago in 1917. Now, the enterprise was also involved in the wholesale meat trade. In 1928 became the company known as Otto and Sons.


The company received a new lease of life in 1955 when it made a strategic decision of partnering with McDonald’s which was still in an embryonic stage at that time. With the lapse of time Ray Kroc, CEO of McDonald’s and the sons of Otto Kolschowsky formed a very deep business relationship. Otto & Sons was supplying meat to McDonald’s in enormous quantity.

With the advent of Cryogenic food processing in the 1960s, the meat processing industry was revolutionized. Cryogenic food processing uses freezing liquid nitrogen to preserve meat for a very long time. In 1973, Otto & Sons established a high volume meat plant in West Chicago and became one of the four top meat suppliers to McDonald’s which was now growing at a very fast pace. A new branch was formed known as Glenmark which started supplying meat to other major retailers. Glenmark was mainly focused on providing meat to small restaurants and supermarkets.

In 1975, the company took a new name and OSI Industries was born. In 1991 the company shook friendly hands with Best Chicago Meat Co. LLC for a licensing agreement for the use of brand name Glenmark.

In 2011, Forbes listed OSI Group as the 136th largest private company in America. In 2016, OSI was able to improve the list and became #58 as the largest private company. There are several major OSI plants located in the U.S. namely Chicago, Geneva and West Chicago in the state of Illinois. There are other plants located in Oakland, Iowa, West Jordan, Utah, Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin and Riverside, California.

OSI Group has flourished across 17 countries with more than 65 facilities located in North America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe and The Asia – Pacific Region. The company also makes private-label food brands apart from major meat supplies. In China, OSI supplies meat to Subway, Starbucks, Papa John’s Pizza and Pizza Hut.

OSI group vows to work within the social, economic and environmental rules of the government to meet the sustainability goals of the company as well as successful health management. The company also won the 2016 Edward C. Jones Community Service Award.