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Former Hawks Owner Bruce Levenson Focuses On Philanthropy

The University of Maryland aims to reach out to undergraduate level students and expose them to volunteering. In hopes to create the next non-profit business leaders. The Do Good Institute program is doing good. University of Maryland pitched in an additional $20 million to the $75 million Bruce Levenson and wife donation for their idea. To offer Philanthropy 101 were students are given $10,000 for their choice of cause.

The Do Good Institute’s mission is to transform the campus to motivate students into given back, and to train the next generation leaders. The program was launched in 2010. According tom PR News, the program has been successful in creating non-profit entrepreneurs. Ben Simon co-Founded Food Recovery Network through the program Do Good Institute. Also Ben went onto start another project called Imperfect Produce, with the goal to limit waste.

More about Bruce Levenson co-founder of United Communications Group. Mr. Levenson wrote for Washington Star And Observer Publishing. Since 2015, he has been Director of TechTarget,Inc. Bruce is included in many philanthropic organizations. Bruce has a Bachelors of Arts degree from Washington University and a J.D. from American University.

As you all know Mr. Levenson is the former owner of the Atlanta Hawks. Levenson hired Goldman Sachs to sell the Hawks. Ares Management LP’s billionaire co-founder Tony Ressler won the auction with $730 million bid. Sachs had convinced Levenson that the team could sell for at least $1 billion.