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All You Need to Know About Real Estate Mogul and Philanthropist Hussain Sajwani

Hussain Sajwani is a real estate tycoon based in Dubai. His wealth, philanthropy and entrepreneurial skills have made him one of the most prominent global figures. Hussain Sajwani is the founder and owner of DAMAC Group, a multi-million global conglomerate with its headquarters in Dubai and services in over 20 countries. In 2002, he took advantage of a move by Dubai government to allow foreigners to invest in the emirate.


Sajwani graduated from the University of Washington with bachelor’s in business majoring in economics. Hussain has served in various positions in different companies including GASCO, where he acted as the contracts manager. Today Sajwani is associated with several other ventures including Al Anwar Ceramic in Oman, Taiba Kuwait Holdings Company, Global Logistics Services and Al Jazeira Services.


Hussain Sajwani’s Relationship with Donald Trump


The Dubai billionaire and developer have been having a good business relationship with President Donald Trump. The duo teamed up in 2013 when he constructed two of Donald trump’s golf courses, one, which was launched in January 2017. The two real estate titans will see their business relationship loosen or end after the president said that he would not be conducting business while in the oval office. However, the Dubai desert billionaire said that Trump’s daughter and sons had been involved in the family business for years and their business ties will continue through Trumps Daughter and sons.


About DAMAC Group


DAMAC Group was launched in 2002 by Hussain Sajwani. DAMAC has its headquarters in Dubai and is highly reputed for the construction of luxurious buildings. DAMC in partnership with the Trump organization constructed one of the world’s luxurious golf courses and is due to complete another one in 2018. DAMAC Group has ongoing luxurious projects in global cities like Jeddah, Riyadh, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and London.


Hussain Sajwani Philanthropic Activities


Hussain Sajwani through his company, DAMAC Group, has been participating in various philanthropic activities. The company donated AED two million to in a campaign aimed to dress over 1 million disadvantaged children in the world. This donation came as part of Hussain Sajwani’s efforts to improve the living standards of impoverished people across the world.


Dick DeVos’ Passion for Business

Dick DeVos is an American businessman as well as entrepreneur who has been dedicated to helping his family company of Amway Corporation continue to grow. Amway Corporation was founded by Richard DeVos, the father of Dick DeVos as the result of not only his love for business, but also as a result of Richard DeVos wishing to continue to the DeVos family legacy. Over the past years, thanks to Dick DeVos‘ involvement with the company, the company is now a multi billion dollar company. Dick DeVos has grown his as well as his family’s net wort to equate to around 5.1 billion dollars. Dick DeVos was even featured on Forbes’ magazine as the 67th richest individual in the world. With his immense wealth, Dick DeVos wants to continue spreading wealth to his community.

Dick DeVos and his wife, Betsy are firm believers that success as well as wealth should not be kept for self-interest, but should instead be shared with the entirety of their loved ones. In this particular case, Dick DeVos loves his community that he grew up in Grans Rapids, Michigan. Dick DeVos, over the years has given constant and large donations to organizations in his community that deal with the free market, religious, art, as well as education. Dick DeVos believes that the best way to spread wealth in a community is to raise the overall human capital through education.

Dick DeVos’ love for giving back as well as his love for business has been inherited by his father, an individual that shared the exact same principles. Dick DeVos’ respect for his father is especially noticeable due to his lifelong dedication to the company that started when he was a child. Dick DeVos even demonstrated his dedication to his father’s company when he earned a degree in business management with the intent of helping to build the company even further and to continue spreading the family legacy.

Dick DeVos is not only a businessman, but is also a dedicated philanthropist. Over the years, Dick DeVos has wished to spend more time being involved with philanthropy and has put business aside. In recent news, Dick DeVos has selected his new predecessor which is someone he can specifically depend on. This predecessor is named Phil Dolci and has over 23 years worth of marketing as well as leadership experience. Dick DeVos is excited to watch Phil Dolci begin where he left off.

Everything You Need To Know About Frans Schoeman

Frans Schoeman is a motivated senior attorney practicing law. This lawyer handles his work with great stamina, immense knowledge, and vast experience. He handles business, commercial and corporate law. He is the current director of Phatsima Diamond (a law firm in Bellville, South Africa).


Frans attended Free State University in South Africa from 1987-1990. Here, he obtained a Baccalaureus Procurationis degree, a requirement to become an attorney in the country. While studying in campus, Frans was an associate of the popular Student Legal Society. On graduation, the prospective lawyer joined Joubert Schoeman Attorneys as a partner.

Life after School

Nine years after becoming a partner at Joubert Schoeman Attorneys, he joined Hofmeyr Herbstein & Gihwala Inc. At this firm, Frans practiced law as an attorney in different fields of expertise. In 2001, he became TG Minister Groups’ legal director. His job description here was:
• Overseeing due diligence
• Negotiation of all contract procedure issues
• Construction of complicated acquisitions and legal mergers
• General legal advise
In 2003, this lawyer was admitted at the High Courts of RSA to practice. Two years later, Frans added more to his CV by becoming an MD at Phatsima Diamond Corporation. At this firm, he was responsible for running mine concessions in Angola. He afterwards became a director of the firm within less than one year.


Over the years, Schoeman has received various endorsements for an array of skills such as:
• Dispute resolution
• International law
• Corporate law
• Negotiation
• Civil litigation
• Commercial litigation
• Legal research

At Joubert Schoeman Law Group, this esteemed lawyer has performed impressively pro bono work. He strives to volunteer in a number of areas related to:

• Politics
• Human rights
• Science and technology
• Environment
• Education
• Children
• Arts and culture

Frans, a long-standing senior partner, has helped to develop concrete techniques to solve any problem of law. Joubert Schoeman Attorneys is equipped adequately with excellent legal skills, experience, and knowledge to offer exceptional and sound legal advice. He has been of immense help in helping build a wide client base with many commercial enterprises both internationally and nationally. Frans has always strived to restrict professional mandates to some areas of expertise to afford informed engagement with client matters.

Scope of Practice

Schoeman handles many areas of law. His scope of practice includes (but not limited to):
• Administrative law
• Intellectual property
• Commercial litigation
• Business recovery
• Project development
• Finance
• Baking law
• Labor law
• Medical law
• Debt recovery
Others are:
• Forensic investigations
• Family law
• Property transfers
• Medical compliance

Today, Frans has propelled his firm to greater heights ever since he assumed the position of Director. The firm’s client base has increased substantially. Frans continues to enjoy doing what he loves best – practicing law. He is married to one wide and they are blessed with two beautiful daughters.