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A New Oreo Treat?

Oreo is well known as being America’s favorite sandwich cookie. But, perhaps that title wasn’t good enough for Oreo. Maybe they wanted to be known as the sandwich cookies with the most variety. Or maybe the sandwich cookie with the craziest flavor. Either way, they’re up to something again. A new flavor may be hitting the shelves and it’s going to be BIG.

Oreo quickly escalated from just a simple chocolate cookie with a creme filled center. They began by pumping more and more creme into the middle. You could buy the regular, then the double stuffed, then the triple stuffed, then the cookies with stuffing bigger then your face basically. After they ran out of room for stuffing, they switched up the flavors. There was birthday cake, a golden creme oreo, and so much more. Now, wait for it. Cotton Candy Oreos may soon be coming!

Alexei Beltyukov knows that the photo has surfaced all over Social Media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Find more on Beltyukov at People are excitedly squealing about how they cannot wait to get their hands on this new delectable treat. Is it for real though? After all, people are sometimes notorious for posting on Facebook without checking if it’s authentic first.

According to an article from Grub Street we have yet to hear an official statement from Nabisco saying whether or not Cotton Candy Oreos will be hitting our grocery store shelves. But, there is speculation that the snapper of the original photo could be a company insider or a mole who has somehow gained inside access. Till then we will cross our fingers, and let our tummies growl while we wait.