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Desiree Perez and her Contributions to Tidal

Those who were thinking that Tidal was going down they were wrong. Jay-Z is adamant, and that is why he always succeeds in his endeavors. He decided to hire someone qualified to head Tidal so that the firm can go far. She is none other than Desiree Perez who has worked with Jay-Z for many years. They have had good working relationship. While many thought that Jay-Z would use artists such as Beyoncé and Kanye West to take Tidal places, Jay-Z knew who the best person to revive and rejuvenate Tidal was.


She is the executive of Roc Nation. She also works with her husband, Juan Perez to manage Roc Nation Sports, which is also owned by Jay-Z. Therefore, she has the first-hand information to run Tidal. She knows the way forward for the company. With the strong bond that they have formed with Jay-Z, Desiree is ready to take the company to the top.  Check this out.


There are reasons why Desiree Perez is suitable for that position. First, the lady has strong negotiating skills and those who have worked with her know that aspect of her leadership. With that strong personality, she has been able to help many people including Jay-Z. She has mentored Jay-Z as a rapper, and now she has helped him to make it in the music streaming industry. She is the best regarding signing up deals and negotiating with clients. For, instant, she assisted in the arrangement of the Formation tour by Beyoncé. She was also vital in the deal between Samsung and Rihanna.  Visit for further reading.


Also, it is essential to know that Perez is very experienced when it comes to the music industry. She has in the past helped many artists who have excelled in the career and most of them attribute their success to the strong-willed lady. She will be now bringing customers and be maintaining them in Tidal. As of now, many consumers have begun signing up as trial users, and because of the first class music, they will continue using the service.

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Norka Martinez Luque: A Focused Pop Queen

Norka Luque has managed to become one of the most talked about figures in the in the Latino music community. Through hard work, the Venezuelan songbird has managed to garner a massive following in Venezuela and the United States. She is among some of the musicians (Gloria Estefan, Ricky Martin, Jennifer Lopez, Shakira, Selena Gomez and a host of others) who have been lucky to cross over into the American music community.

Norka Martinez Luque is not the average musician. Besides her amazing vocals and unique sound, she also has other excellent qualities that appeal to her audience. She has an aura of positivity, which inspires her fans to pursue their dreams in spite of their predicaments.

Norka Luque was born in Caracas, the capital of Venezuela in South America. Norka Luque realized her love for music when she was still a little kid. She would take part in different competitions such as the “Golden Voice” and “School Festival of Gaitas,” a Venezuelan folk music contest.

After Norka Luque had graduated from high school, she moved to France. Her goal was to pursue higher education. Norka graduated from a France business school with a degree in Business Administration. She majored in Culinary Arts, Fashion, and Marketing. After graduating from the business school, she moved to Monaco where she landed a job in the banking sector.

It did not take long before Norka Luque realized that she was in the wrong profession. Norka relocated to the United States to pursue her musical ambition. The beautiful Norka enrolled for singing classes where she learned more about professional singing.

Norka Luque started singing in dance clubs along South Beach. Her fan base grew day by day as she continued entertaining her fans along South Beach. She got the attention of Emilio Estefan Jr., the Grammy-award winning producer of the Miami Sound Machine. Emilio agreed to work with Norka.

Emilio together with other big names in the music industry such as Archie Pena, Hermanos Gaitán, and Luigi Giraldo put together Norka’s first album. This album took the Latin music industry by surprise. Her single “Milagro” ruled the music charts; it stayed at the top for 14 straight weeks. The song was a hit in Puerto Rico, Caracas, and Miami.

“Milagro” has a very powerful message to the public. It conveys a message of hope intended to motivate everyone who is going through rough times. Her latest single is “Tomorrowland.” This single is steadily climbing to the top of the Billboard Dance Charts.

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