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Maggie Gill Spearheads Memorial Health’s Partnership With EON Health

The healthcare environment is prone to changes, which are mainly caused by the ever-changing legal framework. This situation has presented the industry with numerous challenges. The industry has been forced to review the services that it offers the public. Such services should be in line with the new laws. With over two decades experience in the industry, changes in legal frameworks are nothing new to Maggie Gill, the president of Memorial Health. Over the years, she has managed to handle many challenges in a professional manner.

In response to the recent developments in the industry, Maggie Gill has announced a partnership between her company and Eon Health. The partnership will see the introduction of a new no-premium Medicare Advantage plan. The program offers clients with affordable prescription co-payments. The plan, which will be available in a number of counties in South Carolina and Georgia, started early this year. Maggie Gill has praised the plan for the numerous medical benefits it provides the public, including hearing, dental, and free transportation. Such benefits are usually not included in no-premium plans. Gill played a pivotal role in the development of the plan by relying on Eon health’s focus on preventive care. With the new health plan, the public will be able to enjoy a healthy lifestyle at an affordable cost. In her career, Maggie has spearheaded many partnerships, which have been beneficial to the public. Most of the partnerships have focused on enhancing the quality of care.

About Maggie Gill

Maggie Gill is an experienced executive leader. She has extensive knowledge in matters of health care industry. Previously, the executive leader worked for Tenet South Florida Systems. Here, she rendered her services as the chief financial officer. During her tenure, she won three prestigious awards. Maggie spent five years at Tenet.

She joined Memorial University Medical Center as the vice president of finance/managed care. She was later promoted to serve as the chief operations officer of Memorial Health. In 2011, Maggie was appointed to serve as the president and CEO of the firm. In her position, she is mandated with the duty of enhancing the company’s operations, including communications, finance and audit, government relations, doctor relations, and augmenting the firm’s facilities.