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Dick DeVos Enters The Michigan Liquor Industry

The growth of the craft drinks market has seen many breweries and distilleries grow up around the nation as people look away from the traditional beer, wine, and liquor suppliers. One of the fastest growing craft drinks companies in Michigan, Coppercraft Distillery, has recently seen its future look a lot brighter with news of an investment by loacl business expert Dick DeVos. The AnWay executive has been making his way through a series of acquisitions in the last few years using the Windquest Holdings group as the owners of the businesses he takes control of. MLive reports Windquest was recently approved as the license holder for producing liquor under the Coppercraft Distillery company.

Dick has a long history of proving himself a business success with his expansion of the AmWay group into various areas of the world. Despite the fact DeVos was born into the family owning the AmWay group (click here to read more about this corporation) he did not seek to use the influence of the family to meet his own ambitions; in fact, DeVos was educated in the public school system of Michigan before arriving at AmWay to take up many different positions before being appointed head of international business, according to New Netherland Institute.

The fact Dick DeVos was educated in the public school system has influenced the way he provides support for the state of Michigan he still calls home. Dick and Betsy DeVos operate one of the most successful and well respected foundations in the U.S., and have looked to use their influence to increase the educational chances of the people of the state. The DBDVF Foundation has looked to create a more varied educational system that includes charter schools specializing in different areas of interest including an area Dick knows a lot about – aviation.

Continuing to invest in Michigan appears to be important to Dick DeVos and sees him take control of the Coppercraft Distillery, established in 2013 by Walter Catton III. The distillery produces a range of rum and gin products, but has been seeking to expand into the craft beer market. Coppercraft has also been looking to establish its tasting room as a destination for locals and visitors to the Holland Township of Michigan with the addition of a kitchen to the location.

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