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Andrew Rolfe: Working Towards Independent Charities

Almost every organization or individual donating to charities expects something in return. Often it is glorification and a special place in the nonprofit’s running. Most of the time, it is a firm dictatorship on how the donated funds should be spent. Assisted by Andrew Rolfe, Jacob Lief oversees a different charity—Ubuntu Education Fund—which does not hesitate to insist on the privilege of solely deciding what it will do with all funds that come its way.

A Real Impact on People’s Lives

For Andrew Rolfe, the Chairman of the Board, and Jacob Lief, the CEO and Founder, it is not all about how much funds are flowing in but what they do to better the lives of poor South African children in Port Elizabeth’s townships. Before deciding to severe any strings that may be attached to any money received from donors, there was a constant in-flow of money. However, the nonprofit had to operate with a smaller budget when they insisted on the freedom to spend donor funds the best way they know how without any influence or pressure from the donors.

No Regrets

As one of the top leaders of the education fund, Andrew Rolfe targets family foundations or individuals who are ready to give without trying to gain influence on the spending. Surprisingly, the organization has gained much more success with less money than it did with more money accompanied by restrictions. Therefore, there are no regrets whatsoever about the decision to lock out domineering donors.


Many charities have found themselves entangled in a bitter fight with their benefactors simply because the latter is not convinced that their money has been spent well. At times, they withdraw support without any notice, leaving the charities struggling for breath if not on their knees. Additionally, funds accompanied by too many restrictions only serve to complicate the charities’ work, and it may in the end not make any difference in the beneficiaries’ lives. Aware of the danger of leaving their organization to the whim of the benefactors, Andrew Rolfe and Jacob Lief has closed the door on dictatorial donors early enough. Instead, they have chosen to concentrate on the real needs of the children and understanding them by getting closer to families and communities.