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Prepping For Deer Fat Season

Now that hunting season is about to be in full swing throughout the Midwest, it’s important to know what to do with your deer fat. The way that venison needs to be prepared is a little bit different than a lot of other types of meats.

While in some cases, deer fat can actually be better for you than other animal fats, it’s vital to realize that it’s much more saturated than most animals. Venison fat is more saturated than pork, or beef. So it doesn’t break down or melt as easily as either two, and should be removed from the cooking process as much as possible.

Plus, it’s important to realize which fat you can use, and which you want to avoid. There are some deer, depending upon where they are, in which the fat will probably be too saturated to be used for almost anything. Sagebrush, and deer from sketchy areas should be avoided, as far as fat is concerned. But deer that are mostly grassfed should be okay.

As Marnie Bennett can tell you, they are typically healthier, and also the fat is richer in omega 3’s, instead of the bad saturated fat that can be found in town deer.

The suet in almost all cases is probably better off just tossed.