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Nathaniel Ru along with Sweetgreen is helping People shift to Healthy Lifestyle

Sweetgreen is a chain restaurant that offers healthy seasonal salad dishes and other contemporary fast food that is widely popular to the people of Washington D.C and in other cities. Students of Georgetown found it very handy for their daily meal. Besides Food, Sweetgreen regularly hosts Sweetlife Festival, a music fest with the combination of healthy food. They also have key initiative in technology which includes Sweetgreen app and lifestyle space.


Sweetgreen was founded in 2007 by Nathaniel Ru, Nicolas Jammet, and Jonathan Neman, just after their graduation from Georgetown University undergraduate business school. At their last semester, they discussed the lack of healthy food sources and opportunities in Georgetown. Neman stated in an interview that they had bonded for three different causes. Number one – love for food, two – want to create or start something and three – a strong commitment to solve a problem in everyone’s life.


Few months after their graduation, they had come up with a vision and business plan for a new venture. However, Ru, Jammet and Neman had no prior experience to do this. Fortunately, their parents were already successful entrepreneurs and helped them a lot to execute their plan. Most interestingly, the three don’t have any idea what it needed to start a business, and no one of them had any idea about the food industry.


Sweetgreen raised an initial investment of $350,000 from the parents of three founders and Washington’s Latino Economic Development Center. They have raised money for investment couple of times from Revolution Growth and by themselves. Sweetgreen has raised over $95 million to date.


Sweetgreen has involved them in community service as well. Through a program called “Sweetgreen in Schools” launched in 2010, works in close collaboration with school student to educate them about nutrition in food and healthy eating habits. To date, around 20,000 participants join their program.


Nathaniel Ru is the co-CEO of SweetGreen. In an interview, he told that they are creating a brand that stands for something and committed to feed people better food. The company doesn’t have any Headquarter, and when Nathanial Ru was asked for the reason, he stated that rather that growing a giant corporate house, they believe in decentralizing business. Ru is busy these days traveling to open up new branches in other countries.


In an interactive interview the Co-CEO of the company, Nathaniel Ru stated that reading book is the most important thing he should do regardless the time he gets. He believes that building a good team is crucial to run a successful business and they do it very wisely. Ru also stated that the employees should understand the value of the principles of Sweetgreen and employ only those team members who can represent these values to their customers.


Improving Health and Wellness: Organo Gold

With today’s increase in health awareness and focusing on putting more quality foods and beverages into our body, it is nice to know that company’s like is around to make our choices easier. This simple product is available due to an individual who realized that an ingredient known as Ganoderma had unique health benefits that should be quickly shared.

For over five years Organo Gold has been creating quality gourmet beverages such as delicious coffees, nutraceuticals like organic Mycelium capsules and personal care products. Their multitude of products were originally produced to accommodate any type of lifestyle and heightened with Ganoderma which has been an ancient herb used in China for hundreds of years that heals many ailments. Very little was known about the age-old Ganoderma so CEO and Founder Bernardo Chua decided the world should be introduced it.

Philippines born Bernardo Chua was an expert when it came to multilevel marketing, since he was employed in the industry for many years. Initially he was an executive in the Philippines’ Gano Excel (one of the foremost direct sales businesses around). The young executive assisted in growing this company to Canada, Hong Kong and the United States, where Chua took on the role of president of Gano Excel U.S.A. in California, with the company marketing products containing Ganoderma. One of the many awards that have been bestowed on Mr. Chua has been the Asia-Pacific Excellence Award for Outstanding MLM Company. This trailblazer also understood that every child can develop into a leader but occasionally they will require direction from individuals such as himself so he ensured that Organo Gold became a corporate sponsor of the OG Cares Foundation.

This worldwide network marketing business continually strives to expand the positive benefits of Ganoderma, plus the fact that their products are organic, lack caffeine and additives. Their beautifully packaged products like Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee which is a premium roast is used to calm one’s nerves, reduce insomnia or skin inflammation,treat allergies or hay fever. Organo Gold’s Green Tea contains Ganoderma Lucidum inside a small sachet and when placed into a cup of hot water, can improve memory. Others enjoying this hot beverage feel that it greatly improves sleep, due to its ganoderma mushroom ingredients and others feel it assists with weight-loss detoxification. Their unique Ganoderma supplements are often used to boost the immune system and vitality.

Not only did Chua’s vision and marketing expertise transform Organo Gold into one of the world’s most successful companies, but his genuine kindness and enthusiasm in creating lengthy business relationships assisted it. His vision facilitated individuals to improve their lives by achieving improved health through unique products.