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Get Ready for Halloween With These “Healthier” Candies

Halloween is a time for dressing up, scary movies, fun decorations and candy. Most of all, Halloween is about candy, right? Most parents grab a few bags of the brand name candy that is set up at the end of the grocery store aisles for their families and trick-or-treaters. But if you’re someone who regularly does that, think again this year.

Most candies are unhealthy in general. This includes the so-called healthy brands that you’ll see below. The difference here is that these candies do not contain GMOs or genetically modified organisms. GMOs are linked to serious health problems. They are also organic and for the most part, gluten free.

First, try Surf Sweets candies. These include yummy gummy bears, gummy worms, watermelon rings and more. All of the Surf Sweets Candies are non-GMO, organic and gluten free. Next, try OCHO Candy Bars if you’re in the mood for something with some chocolate. These candy bars taste just as good as the brand name bars you know, but they are organic and non-GMO. Try flavors with coffee, peppermint, caramel and peanut butter! Finally, Go Naturally Organic Hard Candy Drops are flavored with authentic organic honey. They even have fun Halloween themed flavors!

Many people forget about their health goals and the health responsibilities they have to their children when the holidays come around. Halloween may be Marnie Bennett’s favorite holiday, but we need to remember this is just the start to the holiday season, and the onslaught of candies, cookies, snacks and fatty meals will only continue.