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The Journey of a North Korean Girl to Freedom

Yeonmi Park is considered to be the leading spokesman for the North Korean Human right at only 21 years old. Yeonmi Park was born in the Korean middle class and was brought up believing that Kim Jong II was capable of reading her mind. The North Korean regime had tortured and imprisoned his entrepreneur father. This is what had sent Park’s family into sudden poverty which forced them in making the drastic move of running away from their homeland or perishing. Yeonmi Park said on The Reason  together with the mother decided to move to China where they were sold into slavery. However, they later managed to escape by walking across the Gobi Desert after the constellations of the night sky to get their freedom by finally arriving in South Korea. It is in South Korea where Park has managed to quickly make her name as a major critic of the North Korean regime.

Yeonmi Park quickly rose to global prominence immediately she delivered the speech at the One Young World during the Dublin summit which was held in 2014. The One Young World refers to a yearly summit which brings together all the young people from around the world to come together and help in coming up with solutions affecting the globe. Park talked about her experience while escaping the North Korea which received more than 2 million views on YouTube.

In Order to Live Amazon released book will be able to share Yeonmi Park’s extraordinary life which aims at turning the changing story of the North Korea and the struggle of the Human Rights. The book was written together with one of the best welling writer in the world, Maryanne Vollers.

At the age of thirteen when life was made unbearable by her father’s imprisonment, Yeonmi Park together with her family made the most dangerous decision, to run away from their native country North Korea by crossing the Yale River frozen waters into China only to get into the hand of human traffickers.

After nearly two years living in a more dangerous and brutal environment than they had left back at the hand of their Chinese captors, Park together with the mother decided to once again take the most dangerous step of attempting to escape. They managed to flee across the Gobi desert.