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Clarkson Potter Publishing Three Food Books

Clarkson Potter recently signed a book deal with the chef and owner of the popular restaurant, The Lost Kitchen. The Lost Kitchen’s owner is named Erin French and recently received the Eater Maine’s “Chef of the Year” award. She cooks hearty meals in the town of Freedom, Maine. She had moved there from Belfast, Maine in 2013. Ms. French has not named her cookbook yet, but she promises it will contain humble, local ingredients and celebrate her home state of Maine.

Also not naming her books yet is chef Amanda Chantal Bacon. She is the founder of Moon Juice, a juice shop with 3 locations in Los Angeles. One of her locations is a kiosk in a former United Artists’ ticket booth next to the Ace Hotel. The other 2 spots are in Venice and Silver Lake. She also runs an ‘online apothecary.’ Food enthusiast Lee G. Lovett says Bacon’s first book will include recipes for her tonics, organic cold-pressed juices, raw snacks and more. What her second book will be about or when this first one comes out is a total mystery. Foodies will just have to keep an eye out for them.