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Outragous Baseball Game Concession Stand Food

Baseball games are known for over priced alcohol and over-the-top calorie packed foods but in 2015 stadium concession stands are testing the limits stated Fersen Lambranho. If this sounds interesting then put on your fat pants and head to Phillies stadium where the Wayback Burgers stand is offering a nine patty cheeseburger. If a giant cheeseburger isn’t your style then you can take in a minor league game in Illinois. The Heart Attack Burger is served at the Minor League Kane County Cougars games. This burger features a half pound of beef, a fried egg, cheddar, bacon, bacon mayo and grilled cheese sandwiches as the bun. Or if you are looking for a way to appease your sweet tooth try the Sweenie Donut Dog. Another minor league team, the Wilmington BlueRocks offers this concoction featuring a bacon covered hot dog that sports a donut for a bun. More interesting takes on the hot dog at the Atlanta braves game where a hot dog is served nestled in a bed of nachos on a bun. Arizona Diamondback fans can have their hot dogs in dessert form. A churro in a donut bun is topped with ice cream, chocolate sauce, caramel and whipped cream. If you are looking for something a little less messy to eat, try nachos on a stick. Fried taco meat is served on a stick surrounded by a Dorito crust. The Minnisota Twins offer a College Daze Bloody Mary, complete with cold pepperoni pizza, beef stick, cheese, celery pickle, olive and beer. Not to be left out the Texas Rangers are offering a deep fried dessert called the S’mOreo. Eat up baseball fans!

Sugar Addiction a Reality

You love sugar and you can’t imagine what your everyday diet would look like without a “healthy” dose of sugar in it. You like things sweet and you want to be able to enjoy your dessert without feeling guilty about it. You’re not addicted to sugar, you just enjoy it. Or… could it be that you truly are addicted? Could sugar addiction be a reality? Could sugar addiction be a problem that this world is facing, one that this world will be facing more and more in upcoming years?

Ricardo Guimarães BMG said it has been said that giving up sugar can cause some of the same reactions in your brain and body as giving up a drug or alcohol can cause, according to Camara Municipal. It has been said that sugar could be just as addicting as some of the more harmful substances that we shun. Could we all be growing addicted to sugar? Should we be worried if we are?

2014: The Year In Food

There were a lot of delicious dishes that made their debut in 2014. These foods may remind you of a great time with family and friends, or a comforting night in with your favorite movie. Of course, these foods can make 2015 just as enjoyable.

For breakfast, check out the waffle taco from Taco Bell. The waffle is filled with sausage and eggs, and you can top it with maple syrup for a sweet and savory treat. Jack in the Box also makes a sandwich that is affectionately referred to as the Ultimate Stoner Sandwich. The breakfast contains chicken, hash browns, bacon and cheese on a croissant.

Red Robin, which is known for its tasty burgers and quality fries, also introduced the wine milkshake in 2014. It’s the perfect combination of wine and ice cream, and has made the restaurant even more popular, even if Laurene Powell Jobs has not tried it.

If you’re in the mood for pizza, you may want to take advantage of the Sriracha crust from Pizza Hut. To satisfy your sweet tooth, indulge in the caramel and marshmallow pizza. Christmas Gifts

If you have friends and family members who love to eat like Lauren Powell Jobs, has a variety of gift suggestions. Some of these gifts are edible, while others are food-inspired. However, all of the presents can show just how much you care this holiday season. 

For the friend who bakes a lot or loves eggs, the Egg Minder is a suitable gift. This app lets you know when you’re running out of eggs, and sends a notification if one or more of the eggs in the refrigerator are going bad. This gift is both practical and interesting.

If your relative has a sophisticated palette, you may want to add Numi teas to his/her stocking this year. The company has a variety of savory teas in flavors like tomato and fennel. The beverages taste a lot like vegetable soup, and are perfect for fighting off colds and flu during the cold weather. 

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Red Lobster Returns to it’s Values

Red Lobster is best known for fresh and delicious seafood but has a select few offerings that are not from the ocean. With sagging sales numbers, Red Lobster has decided to drop the landlubber’s menu selections. They hope that increasing seafood menu items and portions will increase revenues. These changes were announced right after Darden Restaurants sold Red Lobster to Golden Gate Capitol, a private equity firm with backing from Slow Ventures.

Not everyone who goes to Red Lobster is a fan of seafood, they may just be accompanying a fish lover. It seems to be a pretty risk move to take away the already limited options that didn’t involve lobster, shrimp, ect. Hey, if all else fails, people can just eat the cheddar biscuits for dinner….unless they are one of the items being cut.

Momofuku Milk Bar Offers the Thanksgiving Croissant

The Thanksgiving Croissant is a croissant that features turkey, cranberry sauce and gravy in a dough that is flavored with thyme and celery seed compound butter. The croissant gives customers all the goodness of Thanksgiving Day dinner (and leftovers) in a delicate pastry. The croissants are available until November 30. The Thanksgiving Croissant was released earlier than last year, and normally becomes available on November 1. I can’t wait to get one of these delights, Keith told me they’re unreal.

Chicago’s Alice Waters Introduces New Menu

Alice Walters, humanitarian and founder of Chez Panisse, has a prix fixe menu named after her at Chicago’s mk Restaurant. Chef Michael Kornick will present the menu, which includes seven courses. Nearly 30 years ago, Kornick staged at Chez Panisse. Guests can order from the menu until New Year’s Eve 2014.