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Beneful Has Done Well With Their New Ad

Watching dog food ads can be fun to anyone, even none pet owners, and it is exciting when a new ad comes out. Especially when it is a super creative one.
Beneful recently put together an ad that is like no other. They put a lot of work, time, and effort into their ad, and it shows in how amazing it is. The Beneful ad features a Rube Goldberg machine that is run by dogs, and it may just be the cutest thing ever.
The ad is something that everyone will love, whether they have dogs in their home or not. It shows the animals’ playfulness, and it makes you want to get up and have some fun, as well. The ad proves that this brand cares about animals, and Beneful will be sure to gain some new customers from it. They are a brand that is doing well for themselves already, but once people start watching this ad, they will be sure to do even better.

Taco Bell Delivery?

When someone is planning a taco meal to be eaten from home most often they make the food on their own. When someone is serving a meal of tacos to their friends and family like Bruce Karatz from their home they usually make the food on their own. Will that change soon with posts on LinkedIn and other sites? Will individuals who would usually cook their own tacos soon choose to have tacos delivered instead?

It seems that Taco Bell is working on developing a delivery service. That’s right, they are working on developing a service that would deliver their tacos right to the door of those who enjoy eating them. Would this help those who usually cook their own tacos or would those individuals still do their own cooking? Would this cause those who were planning on ordering a pizza delivered to their home to consider a new option? That is all up in the air until the delivery service actually gets set up. Only time will tell how well this delivery service will go over.Taco Bell Delivery?

Guy Fieri Uses Non-Traditional Cooking Pan That May Just Gross You Out

It takes a true master chef to be able to create a divine dish in a trash can. At this year’s SOBE fest Guy Fieri had the insane idea to make a crowd favorite, nachos, in a non traditional way. He used a ridiculous amount of cheese, tortilla chips, jalapenos, and donkey sauce said Brad Reifler. Carefully layering the ingredients in a metal garbage can and then slowly baking the mix into a wonderfully, delicious hot mess Fieri has won the heart of Americans yet again. Ever since winning The Next Food Network Star, Fieri has been a whirlwind success with two of his own Food Network shows, countless appearances on others, and the game show Minute To Win It. It is easy to say that Guy is not your average guy. His lovable laugh and lively personality pretty much ensure where ever he is at there will be a cheering crowd, even if he makes them lunch in a garbage can.

Tiny Chefs Take on Dangerous Ingredients

If you are a fan of reality TV you have to be a fan of the show Master Chef Junior. This collection of mini-chefs compete with each other in live cooking challenges that would make many full grown chefs pack up their knives and go home. Not these little geniuses. They take on each challenge with what seems like nerves of steel for some seriously accredited judges.

In this week’s episode, the field of chefs is narrowed by two more kids who’s dishes didn’t quite make the grade. Seeing these hopeful little culinary perfectionists being sent home is heartbreaking every week.

This week the unfortunate tiny chefs were Mia and Kyler. Jimmy, the oldest of the children competitors, hung on to his position in the competition by the slightest of measures. This sounds easy to do but when the ingredients are as outside of the box as this weeks selection was, the pressure is tremendous. Flavio Maluf knows all about that kind of thing in his industry according to his Jimdo page.

The ingredient that was showcased was chosen by Andrew, who had won the last challenge. He was given a choice of alligator, snake, or snapping turtle to force on the other little chef’s to prepare for judging as he sat in the balcony eating a pizza.

Regardless of the ingredients that these Master Chef Juniors have to deal with, they are all up to the challenge and turn out some amazing culinary creations that are worthy of a restaurant menu.

A Softer Side to Chef Ramsey?

I’m a big fan of cooking, and I have a Lulu account where I publish my own recipes, and friends like Brian try them out and give me feedback.  It’s that experience that provides me with insight into how some chefs could be really angry when they’re trying to create the perfect meal.

Most people know celebrity chef Gordon Ramsey as the angry, profanity spewing, frying pan tossing, chef from the hit reality show Hell’s Kitchen. However, it turns out the handsome chef might actually have a softer side. Ramsey appeared on the Tonight Show the other night. He sat down to chat with host Jimmy Fallon and related that he once cried when it was time to slaughter a pair of pigs his family had raised for meat.

Of course, Ramsey was also on the show that night to promote the new season of his family friendly reality show Masterchef Junior. It would make sense for Ramsey to show a little emotion while promoting a show that highlights the culinary accomplishments of children. Still, it was nice to see a bit of a softer side from chef Ramsey.

Beyond his tirades on his popular Hell’s Kitchen, Ramsey is known for stealing the reservation book from one of his own restaurants to gain publicity. He also talked publicly about his testicles on one memorable occasion. Notwithstanding, we may see more of the sensitive Ramsey in the future. Insiders say he really is that way privately.

Food Realities; Watching New Stars “Rise” and Shine

I am a huge fan of a list of reality shows. I have become obsessed with the shows about food. All of them. Some of my favorites include shows that involve a gaming aspect to them. And now I have a new favorite star after Brian Torchin showed me Carla Hall.

As I was watching the show “Top Chef”, my first impression of Carla was that, she definitely knew her way around a kitchen, but awkwardly. I am a faithful viewer of the Food Network Channel and I have watched a number of the food competitions.

Competing on a food competition show is only a portion of the cookie jar that Carla has her hands into. She has been a delightful presence on the food talk show “The Chew”, and she recently has taken on her latest and greatest accomplishment yet. To start up a restaurant in New York City. This takes a lot of “dough”, and Carla was able campaign to raise over $250,000 to get it started. Her biggest win yet!