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OrganoGold is in the Lead

The Mission
OrganoGold is a company that had started in 2008.It officially opened in 2014. This company began with a single cup of remarkable coffee. This story of success started in Richmond, B.C., Canada. This is a company with a clear and solid mission. The people of the world are deserving of the treasures that our world offers. The mission of OganoGold is to deliver these treasures to the people.

Spreading Knowledge Across the Globe.
The vision of this extraordinary company is clear and robust. It is a powerful vision. This global Network Marketing company holds the vision of spreading the knowledge of Ganoderma across the entire globe. This is a company that is making history around the world. Prosperity is one of the keys of their vision.

The Numerous Benefits from this Gourmet Beverage
This is spreading around the world and people from all walks of life are enjoying the many benefits and the delicious taste of Organo Gold’s exquisite gourmet beverages. These are items that provide health-giving additives. They are personal care products. This beverage is bringing the ancient Chinese herb out into the world for all to experience. These are products that are intended to be well suited for every lifestyle. These ancient Chinese herbal remedies that are incorporated in these products have been known as Eastern Chinese herbal remedies. These herbs have been unknown outside of Eastern herbal medicine.

Bernardo Chua Founded OrganGold
Bernardo Chua is the founder and CEO of this powerful company. This is an individual who has experienced much success in the business world. He is a man who is strong in his commitment to bringing the Chinese herb out to the rest of the world. This herb is called Ganoderma. Bernado T.Chue has much experience in multilevel marketing. He is an intriguing individual with a business that is stirring up much interest all over the globe.