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An Intro to Some Cheap Mobile Wireless Services

The telecommunications market in the United States is larger than ever. With nearly every citizen in the country having some form of mobile cell or data service many new startups have erupted to service that demand. Old school telecoms like AT&T are still competing alongside newer companies like FreedomPop. All of this choice means that consumers have more options than ever and this can lead to a great deal of competition that benefits customers. Right now we will take a look at some of the available mobile wireless services and some of the features and benefits they offer.

Standard Mobile Wireless

Some of the biggest names in telecommunications like AT&T and Sprint are still dominant players in the wireless market. Many customers flock to these brands for a couple of reasons. First of all and most importantly is brand recognition. Many customers have been with these companies for decades and see no reason to switch.

These companies also boast extensive networks and retail locations which can make it very easy to service your phones or purchase new ones. Unfortunately all of those retail locations end up costing money that ends up in your bill. Monthly phone bills can be outrageous costing hundreds of dollars a month depending on the services you receive. In order to get a significantly lower or even free phone bill it is a good idea to use a smaller provider that has less market share and therefore less overhead.

FreedomPop Mobile Wireless

One up and comer in the field of mobile wireless telecommunications is FreedomPop. This company offers incredibly discounted or potentially even free mobile wireless and data plans for new and existing subscribers. The way they offer these programs is really quite ingenious. Basically they give anyone with a capable mobile phone a certain monthly allotment of data, cell phone minutes and texts. These phones are sold through FreedomPop to be compatible with their plans and sim cards.

Once a customer has purchased a FreedomPop phone and received their allotted free minutes and data if they exceed that cap they will automatically purchase more minutes, texts or data. If you stay under the cap you essentially have free phone service while if you exceed your monthly cap you only end up paying for what you use. There are also numerous ways to customize your plans like rollover minutes and other similar programs offered. TechCrunch notes that FreedomPop is available in most major metropolitan areas and they are rapidly expanding to other service areas in the United States.

Choosing the right mobile wireless service can be daunting but remember to choose based on your needs. If you think you will be a minimum user or you want to closely correlate your usage with what you pay FreedomPop is a fantastic option. Since they are currently available in pretty much every major metropolitan area in the country it is likely that you can find a FreedomPop location near you. They are a fantastic choice for the savvy and thrifty mobile wireless plan customer.