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Paul Mampilly’s Impactful Investment Career

Paul Mampilly holds a Bachelor in Business Administration from Montclair State University and an MBA from Ford Gabelli School of Business. He is a renowned investment expert who has won prestigious awards for his contribution like in the Templeton Foundation Investment Competition. His spectacular business career began in 1989 at Chatham Street Management as an Accounts Assistant, two years later moved to Bankers Trust Company (currently Deutsche Bank) as an Accounts Administrator, then as an Assistant Portfolio Manger and eventually the Portfolio Manager.

Part of Paul’s portfolio includes working as a research analyst at Deutsche Asset Management and ING Funds. He has also authored several investment advisory publications at Common Sense Publishing Co., Agora Financial and Stansberry Research.

Paul is the CEO and founder of Capuchinimics – a research publishing service and Capuchin Consulting providing investment solutions. His career has been affluent: when he was at Templeton Foundation through his input, he converted a $50 million investment into $88 million which translates to 76% profits without shorting stocks. In his tenure, Banyan Hill Publishing Firm was granted permission to start Profits Unlimited to guide Americans into viable investment opportunities. Rather than Mampilly investing capital on their behalf, they would make subscriptions by buying stocks in their brokerage accounts. Nevertheless, his monthly newsletter and the weekly update on the stocks would help them make informed investment choices.

Currently, the Profits Unlimited has over 60,000 subscribers who are trading well in the stocks. In the period of October 2011 to December 2012, he recommended 29 stocks in the Palm Beach Newsletter, and as of the close of the year 2013, 28 stocks had gone up by 53% with only one down. One of his clients reportedly has garnered profits of $45,190 through Paul Mampilly’s reviews and projections.

Clearly, Paul Mampilly has a pool of knowledge and experience in Money management especially in the bulls market, bare markets and amidst financial crisis for over 25 years now.