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George Soros Believes That There Is Hope For A New Ukraine

President Poroshenko of Ukraine is under pressure from Chancellor Merkel of Germany to enhance moral and political integrity of the new Ukraine. Merkel has been pushing Poroshenko to observe the Minsk agreement irrespective of whether President Putin respects it or not. George Soros asserts that one of the goals of the winning strategy is ensuring that Ukraine achieves military and political stability.

According to Soros, friends of Ukraine ought to chip in and undertake different initiatives in Ukraine. These initiatives should be aimed at enabling the country to implement broad political and economic reforms as well as ensuring that the country flourishes irrespective of the opposition advanced by President Putin. George Soros Ukraine posits that this strategy will necessitate a significant portion of European Union’s budget. However, Soros asserts that there is need to reconcile between the two winning strategies of keeping the military conflicts at bay and provision of financial support to Ukraine. Without reconciliation, there is the likelihood of interference with each other. The initial strategy suggested that allies of Ukraine look at every possible way to help Ukraine in addition to extending sanctions on Russia. However, the EU failed to meet the deadline. There is great hope that through the Minsk agreement, Russia will be rewarded for abiding by the same besides saving face from its conflict with Ukraine.

Soros contends that renewed pressure on the economy of Russia has been enhanced by the weakening oil prices. Soros notes that Russia’s oil production has been declining year over year. Both the quality and quantity of the Russia’s oil have declined. This situation means that Russia is feeling the effects of the sanctions because it lacks spare parts to enhance the depleting oil fields. Soros argues that Putin has the option of compensating his cronies from financial losses by giving them power to take over the properties of oligarchs presumed to be less reliable. However, the best way through which Putin can arrest the decline in oil is by ensuring that the western sanctions are lifted.

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A New Policy to Rescue Ukraine

Save the New Ukraine

Soros posits that the Russian aggression and a new Ukraine are historic events. The European Union is facing a resurging Russia that has ceased being a strategic partner and is now a strategic rival. President Putin has been replacing communism through enhancing a nationalist ideology through augmenting social conservatism, ethnic grounds and religious faith. To this end, he has been using homophobia, unity of Slavic race and holy Russia respectively. In his war with Georgia, Putin won the war but failed to use propaganda in an effective manner. Putin’s new strategy uses both propaganda and Special Forces.

Soros notes that Putin’s resolve to re-establish a Russian empire has inadvertently aided in creating a new Ukraine that is focused on becoming the opposite of the old Ukraine and opposing Russia’s aggression. The new Ukraine has seen many young people volunteer in undertaking different initiatives. These young students have studied abroad. Since they know that the government has corrupt officials, the young people have opted to join nongovernmental organizations, think tanks and academic institutions.

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The George Soros-Hillary Clinton Connection

As reported on Politico, the largest donor to Priorities USA Action, the action pac supporting Hillary Clinton, is George Soros. Earlier in 2015, George gave $1 million dollars to the super pac. On December 31, he gave $6 million more to the pac. He has also given $1 million to American Bridge 21st Century.
In 2004, Soros spent over $20 million during the election cycle to try to remove President George W. Bush from office. He spent very little in support of President Obama. He has said that he regrets not offering more support to Hillary in 2008. Not only is the donation important to the campaign, but many other donors follow his lead.
After his donation earlier in the year, Priorities USA Action quickly was able to raise additional funding including donations from Haim Saban, Barbara Lee, Jeffrey Katzenberg, Katie McGrath and J.J. Abrams.
George Soros has often exchanged emails with Hillary, according to files released by the State Department. According to a story in the Washington POST, one email from Soros demanded urgent attention on Albania. After receiving the email, Hillary immediately dispersed a top aide to visit with Soros. On another occasion, Clinton met with Soros personally to discuss The American University of Central Asia that is located in the formal Soviet Union. The Washington Posr article points out that neither Hiliary or George appears to have done anything illegal.
According to an op-ed published on the The Freedom Post, the Clintons met Soros shortly before President Bill Clinton appointed Steve Talbott to the State Department. Talbott soon started working almost exclusively on connections between the United States and Russia. Through his job, Talbott started working with the Jeffrey Sachs of Harvard University to assist Russia in its transformation from communism to an open society. George Soros worked closely with Jeffrey. Soon, Talbott introduced President and Mrs. Clinton to George Soros. In an interview for The Shadow Party, George Soros admits that he took an instant liking to Hilary finding that she shared many of his values.
The friendship between George Soros and Hillary Clinton has continued to blossom. Visit the site to know more about George Soros.