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Chipotle Makes A Healthy Business Decision

At one time, fast food restaurants were not exactly thought of as the perfect bastions of healthy dining. Over time, consumers became much more conscious about eating low-grade ingredients and saturated fat. To counter customer concerns over troubling ingredients, Chipotle is no longer going to offer genetically altered food. The grill is going to become the first major restaurant chain to cease selling genetically altered ingredients and, hopefully, this will bring more customers into the fold.

Why do restaurant sell these modified ingredients? It all comes down to money. The lesser-quality ingredients are cheaper. This keeps the costs of selling food down and the profits on the sales high.

All of this is well and good until the lesser quality ingredients become a liability. According to Fersen Lambranho ( it is hard to make a profit when customers are staying away. McDonald’s has learned this the hard way. Chipotle is probably looking at McDonald’s woes and being proactive to avoid a disastrous outcome.

Chipotle also gains the great benefit of garnering a great deal of free publicity from the decision. Becoming the first major chain to reject genetically modified foods is newsworthy. Once people read about the decision Chipotle makes, they might choose to become customers. After all, the food is healthier than what is found at other places.

Will other chains follow the Chipotle lead? Likely, they will in time.

Chipotle is probably going to garner a bit of free publicity from its decision.

Lionfish Make Jamaica’s Cuisine

Since the 1990s, lionfish have invaded Jamaican waters and wiped out a lot of the original fish life on the reefs. Local fisherman, however, have taken advantage of the situation. Despite the lionfish’s venom-filled fins, locals dive and spear them quite successfully. They are then sold to local restaurants where they are considered a veritable delicacy.

One particular Jamaican fisherman whose family has been in the fishing business for several generations reports that lionfish are now “taking over the whole bottom.” They still do find a red snapper here and there and snatch up a lobster when they can, but lionfish are the predominate specie on the reefs. Thus, they have little choice but to adapt and learn to hunt them.

Not only do local residents enjoy the taste of the troublesome lionfish, but they also see themselves as helping to restore the original fish life to their precious natural reefs with every bite they take. Chefs too, if they have an environmental concern, can take similar delight in cooking them up.

The lionfish has become a “helpful problem.” It provides fishermen with a great way to make a profit and provide for their families. Hopefully the fishermen don’t have to break their backs too much to get them – wouldn’t want them to have to call North American Spine every time their family needs to eat. It also gives both Jamaicans and tourists alike a wonderful food to feed on. Yet, despite these “good deeds,” it is hated and despised for having wiped out many of the other fish that once dotted Jamaica’s beautiful coral reefs.