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EOS- Reinventing The Tube

If anyone were to hear the term, Evolution Of Smooth, they probably wouldn’t have any idea of what was being referred to. But if someone commented on the latest EOS lip balm flavor, everyone would be interested in getting their hands on one. That’s the reality of how one little orb that comes in a multitude of colors and flavors, has taken second place as the best selling lip balm in the United States.

But how did EOS come about? It started out as an idea to take an age old product that hadn’t been updated for many years and think outside the box, or literally, the tube. Sanjiv Mehra, whose experience had been working with Pepsi and Unilever, partnered with Jonathon Teller, who at the time was working with start-up incubators. They decided to combined their talents and experiences and take the lip care industry head on.

Their first course of action was to find who their target audience was. Through research and sensory panels, they found that woman were the primary users and decided that lip balm application could be changed from being a daily chore to becoming an true enjoyable experience. After creating many different prototypes, it was decided to go with an orb shape that felt good in a woman’s hand, as well as having pretty colors, smells and yes, sounds, as even the small click sound of closing the orb was thought of. Next was getting these orbs on the market. After being met with skepticism, one buyer for Walgreens decided to give EOS a chance, and the rest is history. Meanwhile, EOS built it’s own social media presence on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

One of the highest compliments a product can get is to be copied. Blistex, Revo and even Walgreens have created their own orb versions, but EOS continues to sell over a million lip balms a week, and this $250 million dollar company does not appear to be slowing down anytime soon. Check out: