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OrganoGold Brings Even More Healthy Coffee Options To Turkey

BusinessForHome reports the country of Turkey is famous within the coffee drinking community for being the home of the first ever coffeehouse in the 15th century. PR Newswire is now reporting OrganoGold fonder Bernardo Chua is planning on taking his own healthy coffee brand to Turkey in a bid to take advantage of the growing market for gourmet coffee in the region. Chua explains that the market in Turkey is growing and his version of healthy gourmet coffee can be used in the area to create a strategic position for distributing OrganoGold products across the globe.

Within the multi level marketing industry the name Bernardo Chua is one of the best known amongst executives in the market. Chua is a well known figure in the Philippines, where he has been awarded various government sponsored prizes and awards voted for by consumers, which shows the high quality of the products and service Chua expects from his products and employees. A move to British Columbia, Canada saw Chua launch the OrganoGold coffee recipe from a small coffee shop in the city of Richmond, which saw the direct selling expert build this business into a global empire spanning more than 30 countries.

OrganoGold believes the number of people within Turkey who are seeking out an active lifestyle and looking for healthier versions of classic products makes it the perfect choice for the company to expand into. Using the OrganoGold products allows consumers to enjoy the healthy effects of the ancient Ganoderma extract, which is infused into the products of OrganoGold and has a number of healthy effects based on ancient Chinese medical beliefs. Drinking the OrganoGold Ganoderma infused coffee allows a user to enjoy antioxidant effects and protect their liver from damage for prolonged periods of time.

Entrepreneur Bernardo Chua Receives Prestigious Award in the Philippines

Entrepreneur Bernardo Chua, CEO and Founder of Organo Gold received the prestigious award as an “Outstanding Global Entrepreneur” for his talent and contributions. In January of 2015, Chua attended the Dangal ng Bayan Awards ceremony in the Philippines and was recognized for accomplishments as the Chief Executive Officer. His company received two People’s Choice Awards; “Best Gourmet Organic Health Coffee” and “Number 1 Global Network Marketing Company.” The company and Mr. Chua received the awards during a visit to his homeland in Hemady Square.

Organo Gold opened its doors in 2008 as a small business and experienced rapid growth within two years. The secret to Bernardo Chua’s success is his strategic marketing skills and an ancient herb in his gourmet beverage, personal care, and nutraceutical products. The company has over one million global distributors in more than thirty-five counties, which created opportunities to people around the world.

Chua introduced an ancient Chinese herbal remedy, Ganoderma lucidum that has been used for more than two thousand years. The products have attracted health conscience people because the organic mushroom or fungus is believed to increase longevity and promote health. Organo Gold is the first company to market Ganoderma beverages, such as coffees and teas. Mr. Chua ensures that knowledge is provided to distributors, employees, and consumers about the benefits and usage of the herbal ingredient.

Organo Gold and Bernardo Chua have become icons in the direct sales industry of gourmet beverages. For seven years, the entrepreneur has played an important role as CEO and taken the company to the next level of branding its beverage, personal care and nutraceutical products.

Today, the company sponsors a non-profit organization, OG Cares Foundation, which helps mentor young people internationally to become productive leaders for years to come. To recognize Mr. Chua in his homeland and country is well deserved because of his commitment, determination, research, and belief in successful products. He continues to do extensive research on the products to ensure safety to the general public.

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