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Microwave Cooking Does Not Diminish Nutrient Value of Food

In our rushed society, the microwave is the only oven that is used in many households. A quick zap in the microwave and dinner is served. But just how nutritious is that ‘home cooked’ meal after a stint in the microwave?
Very, if it’s done right.
Microwave cooking is actually one of the best cooking methods for preserving food nutrients available. But it has to be done correctly. To preserve all food nutrients while cooking it in the microwave, place food in a microwave-safe container and place a small container of water inside the microwave while cooking so the food is basically steamed from the inside out. All nutrients and flavor will be preserved and the freshly steamed food will be ready in moments.
Regardless of the chosen cooking method used, some nutrients will be lost during the process according to Crystal Hunt. The faster the cooking method, the fewer nutrients lost, that’s why microwave cooking is the best choice, it just has to be done correctly. Use very little water in the bowl containing the food, cover the microwave-safe container tightly and add the container of water inside the microwave for the best and healthiest results.

Like Chipotle? Then You Will Love Their New Pizza Chain

Chipotle took the U.S. by storm with their fresh, delicious, and healthy offerings. You know that you’ve got a good thing going when other restaurants start popping with almost identical menus and set ups. The burritos are to die for but what would you think of a pizza made by them? It doesn’t seem to fit too well with the current menu but that is ok because the Chipotle founders have teamed up with Pizzeria Locale to create an adventurous pizza chain that is now in three states. The new chain is already experiencing positive feedback and their own following they offer Neapolitan style pizza with personalized ingredients, very similar to what is done at Chipotle. Customer Brad Reifler enjoys the interactive experience he receives at theses delicious establishments. And, check this out, the pizzas are cooked in only two minutes in specialized ovens created just for Pizzeria Locale. Give them a couple years and they will probably be all over the U.S., tempting us with their delectable offerings just like Chipotle already does.