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Beautiful Lips Are Just A Balm Away

Your lips are an integral feature of your face. They are perfectly centered beneath nose and eyes in a way that maximizes sensuality. Your lips have been designed to maximize your beauty and attractiveness through their healthy expression. Full, sensuous lips are moist and have no hint of a crack about them. They are smooth, uniform, and colored in a healthy way. Unhealthy lips are withered cracked things that bear more in common with a lizard than a woman. So what kind of lips would you rather have: those that testify health and fecund femininity, or those which invite the viewer to make jokes about reptiles?
Unfortunately, getting smooth and beautiful lips can be dangerous. There are a cavalcade of sticks and balms out there which use parabens and petrolatum, both of which are known to have toxic effects on the human body.

Thankfully, Evolution of Smooth has put into circulation a revolutionary new line of balms designed to keep lips both healthy and smooth without any toxic chemicals. There are three main balms in Evolution of Smooth’s lip family. There are shimmer smooth, active protection, and visibly soft spheres. Sticks are also available, as are multi-packs. Evolution of Smooth’s lip balms include Vitamin E, shea butter, and jojoba oil. What they don’t include are any toxic chemicals that wouldn’t be recommended by your dermatologist. This products are available on local Walmart stores and online sites including

Without proper lip health, you won’t have sensuous lips. Wind and lack of moisture can wear them down over time, as can inferior cosmetic products which use chemicals that can leave a thrush around the mouth and are proven harmful with continued use. Don’t compromise the health of your lips for cosmetic reasons. Feel beautiful, feel healthy, and know that you are both of those things at the same time. As an added bonus, Evolution of Smooth has made their balms exceptionally delectable. Visit for more info.