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Anthony Bourdain’s Famous One-Liners

TV host, celebrity chef, and author, Anthony Bordain, filmed his most recent episode of ‘Parts Unknown’ in Budapest. This loquacious host has no shortage of one-liners. Located in Hungary, Bourdain chose this city because of the history and of course because of the cuisine. Not much is known the the western world of Budapest which is why Bourdain traveled there.

While filming he fell in love with the architecture and even stated “If there was such a thing as building porn, it would be this.” While in Hungary, Bourdain discovers some of his new favorite dishes such as meat stew, blood sausage, and home-cooked chicken paprikash.

His unforgettable one-liners during his show are what Keith Mann believes makes viewers so entranced by his travels. When Bourdain starts his journey in Budapest he states that “it’s beautiful here. They said that of course, that Budapest is beautiful. But it is in fact almost ludicrously beautiful.” His eloquent way of words makes Budapest the new attraction for visitors in search of something different. While in Budapest, Bourdain visits the New York Cafe which is a well known hang out spot. While there, Bourdain comments “the New York Cafe is one of the last remnants of a society where artists and writers were valued citizens, regardless of financial means.” His shocked reaction of how beautiful Budapest really is and of how good the food is will attract many visitors in the years to come.