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Trusting Securus Technologies to Keep a Prison Safe

As part of a team of corrections officers who works in a very dangerous jail, we have to have our heads on a swivel in order to stay out of trouble with violence behind those prison walls. When inmates can get their hands on weapons and drugs, every officer, inmate, visitor, contractor, and employee of the jail is in danger. Luckily we have a few resources we have come to rely on that have really changed the way that we keep the prison safe.


One thing that we do every day is take the dogs throughout the jail and into inmate cells and search for any illegal contraband. When you can take away these things before the inmates can use them, you can reduce the incidents in the jail. We also have measures we take in the visitor center so family or friends can not slip anything to the inmates that they should not have in their possession.


Another resource we have was provided to the staff only this year. Securus Technologies installed a modern inmate call monitoring system that can not pick up and alert officers to chatter about certain subjects. When we are searching for drugs, the LBS software does the work of several officers and tips us off to conversation about the subject matter. This gives us a huge advantage that allows us to be able to clean up the jail more quickly and safely.


As inmates are talking on the phone about drugs in their cells, it allows us to safely pinpoint a location and get the resources there immediately. When inmates talk about smuggling drugs in, we get a team to the visitor center and intercept the parties and take anything away they should not have. Securus Technologies has been key in helping keep our jail much safer.


USHEALTH Advisors, a Clear Winner in Insurance Choices

USHEALTH Advisors is a division of USHEALTH Group, specializing in insurance. The company was founded over 50 years ago and is headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas. Their policies are issued and underwritten by the subsidiaries Freedom Life Insurance Company of America and National Foundation Life Insurance Company. This powerful combination affords USHEALTH Advisors the opportunity to offer a wide variety of products to its customers. The company has recently won several awards for its ethical business practices and sales and customer service. The online website, located at offers a wide variety of products, resources and even an option to get a quote.

Among the most popular products offered is Premier Choice. While this plan isn’t ACA required minimum coverage, it provides the customer the unique opportunity to use it as a bridge to obtaining coverage. Other unique features plentiful. There’s no need to meet any calendar year deductibles, and there’s no need to stay in-network. Additional savings are available for those who choose to stay in-network. The coverage also pays in addition to any coverage the policyholder may already have in effect. A “rollover” feature allows you to accumulate benefits so there isn’t any loss of unused coverage. Rates are locked in for 15 months, so there aren’t any concerns unexpected expenses. The coverage is also able to be used on or off the job and is portable for those who change employers.

With many different plan offerings and coverages that make sense, USHEALTH Advisors certainly takes care of its customers. Affordable supplement insurance is easily within reach to those who are budget conscious. The flexibility of the plans and benefits they offer make it easy to see why this company has been going strong for over half a century. With a much higher than average customer satisfaction rating and award winning customer service, it’s easy to see why so many people choose USHEALTH Advisors as their insurer of choice. Full information regarding plans and limitations are also available on the website as is much news and company information. It’s a smart idea to put USHEALTH Group at the top of the list when shopping online for insurance!

High Quality Dental Care Through MB2 Dental

Three Reasons That You Need To Do Business With MB2 Dental

If you need to make sure that you are doing everything possible to keep your teeth clean and healthy, give yourself the chance to find a wonderful clinic. There are many different dental practices that can serve you, but MB2 Dental is the best around. To learn a little bit more about why this clinic is great for you and why they can turn your dentistry around, read below and consider these tips to the best of your ability.

Reason #1: Dr. Akhil Reddy is Great at his Areas of Expertise

Because Dr. Reddy is excellent at his work, you will know that you are receiving excellent professionalism and service every step of the way. By giving yourself the opportunity to consult with him, you will have no problem truly keeping your teeth clean and healthy at every juncture. He is one of the most renowned dental professionals in the United States and can assist you every visit.

Reason #2: They are renowned as one of the best clinics in Texas

To make certain that you are getting excellent dental care, reach out to MB2 Dental for help. you can put trust in them, because they are one of the most renowned and professional dental clinics in the entire state of Texas. Because there are a lot of dental clinics in Texas, you should search for testimonials from people who have received care before. By making the most out of the dental care that you need with these professionals, it will be much easier for you to find care for teeth cleaning, root canals and any other type of work.

Reason #3: This dental clinic handles all sorts of service

Finally, they offer every level of dental care that you can imagine. Whether you need pediatric dentist for your young child, family dentistry for your household, geriatric dentistry, cosmetic dentistry or orthodontics, you can count on Dr. Akhil Reddy to assist you with any work that you need. He is a great dental professional that is sound with every facet of dentistry he provides and can serve you the matter what you are looking for.Take advantage of these factors so that you are in good hands for your oral health care. MB2 Dental is a great practice that will serve you and will make sure that you get high quality dental care.

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Omar Yunes’ Leadership Style Wins Him BFW Award

Mexico finally received recognition for their business side. At the 2015 Best Franchisee of The World event, two men from Mexico were sent to compete in the international competition. Even though the competition takes place every year, this was the first time Mexico sent representatives from their country. The main goal of the event is to not only recognize leaders from across the country but to reward them for their creative innovations and programs. They are judged on things such as how they manage to control each of their units as well as what uniqe style and personality they are able to bring to the table.

Omar Yunes, representative of Mexico and Franchisee of Sushi Itto, walked away with the title Best Franchisee of The World. His first business venture was the purchasing of a single franchise of Sushi Itto. He was so successful in the one company that he was able to grow the franchise by an additional 13 units. Omar Yunes now employees approximately 400 workers and is expanding the business every year. Omar Yunes’ unique leadership style stood apart from the rest of the franchisees who competed. He completey transformed the traditional relationship seen between a franchise and a Franchisee. One of the judges, Diego Elizarrarras, said that this relationship played a key role in the success of the company. He believes that without Omar Yunes they wouldn’t of seen as big of an improvement with their customer service relationships as they did.

Ivan Tamer was the second man from Mexico sent to compete at the Best Franchisee of the World competition. Ivan Tamer is Franchisee of Prendamex. This franchise is a series of Pawnshops located in Mexico. The reason why Ivan Tamer and his company were being recognized was because of the new marketing system he set in place. The system is there to boost sales and increase revenue and so far it has done just that.

Go To George Street Photo and Video For Your Wedding Plans!

If you are planning a wedding, or know someone who is, you owe it to yourself to investigate George Street Photo and Video Chicagoland. George Street photographers are the experts in photography and videography of weddings and other special events.

When a couple gets marries, there are so many plans to make and so many things to do that it is easy to forget some of the things that must be done. When it comes to recording and saving the memories of that special day, however, nothing will be forgotten. George Street specialists will be there with you, and will take the time and use their expertise to make this a special day you will cherish in beautiful photographs and video.

As organized and professional as they are, they are still the friendliest and most helpful photographers that you will find.

And they will take care of everything relation to the photographs and video, so that you will know that the memories will be there, in color, and on video.

Get Personalized Account Services With The Professionals

NexBank can easily help you with your finances through several accounts including personalized, industrialized, and commercial accounts. They encourage their customers to invest in their retirement during uncertain economic times with a investment account. That’s right, put away money for your future. John Holt, CEO and President is popular in the financial sector and is looking to expand his leadership professionals with additional executives. He would like to specialize in integrated services for his personalized account holders. NexBank has been proudly serving the local area for over 60+ years and has gained over 246,000+ customers to their online banking services.

Their stockholders are backing their internal growth and proud of their $40 billion dollars in assets. They also provide FDIC insurance to help give their customers additional protection for their hard earned money. Amazingly, they offer more protection than the other big name financial institutions in the area. You have an opportunity to speak to a friendly customer service professional 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (including holidays). Thousands of customers around the world know they can rely on the NexBank name for services and features that don’t include huge fees. They welcome their patrons to become a long time personal or business account holder today. ,

You can take part in over 1,600+ college savings accounts that will reduce the amount of college tuition and other expenses. They can relate to the rising cost of college and want to help their customers minimize the threat of huge government student loan debt. They have partnered with New Jersey based College Savings Bank. Their services are available with a one of a kind opportunity that is not available through competitor financial networks. Take back your financial freedom with a secure NexBank account today and maximize your hard earned money.

Bernardo Chua’s Success with Ganoderma

Bernardo Chua’s story is the real illustration of ‘hard work pays.’ He rose from being a small-time employee to a global entrepreneur in the Philippines. His company, Organo Gold, is one of the main suppliers of coffees, teas and dairy products. He has applied smart business strategies and his expertise in direct sales to build his company to the where it is today.


Bernardo Chua began his career in the Philippines in a senior position at Gano Excel. Thanks to his Chinese background, he knew about the Ganoderma early in life. He managed to expand Gano Excel to Hong Kong, Canada, and the United States within the first three years. He later left the company to start Organo Gold in 2008 where he is now the executive officer. Bernardo Chuo was one of the first people to market the herb successfully outside the region.


Bernardo Chua started a rewards program for Organo Gold, referred to as the Preferred Customer Program. The primary intent of the program is to appreciate loyal buyers by offering a 25% discount on all the products sold by the company.

Chua’s success has been recognized through the many awards he has won over the years. The most recent one is the Dangal ng Bayan Award for business and industry. Other notable awards by the business guru include the National Consumers Quality Awards and the joint 22nd Annual People’s Choice in 2014.

The National Shoppers Choice also acknowledged his company as the best direct selling company in the food supplements section. In general, Organo Gold has been recognized as the ‘Direct Sales Company of the Year’ on five separate occasions.

In the Future

Since Organo Gold is well established, Bernardo is now putting efforts on refining the company as much as possible. He is closely associated with the best organic Ganoderma producers in the world to provide quality products at the best prices.

Additionally, he funds research on Ganoderma helping his company has the upper hand in competitions when new breakthroughs and uses are discovered.

With all this progress, it is safe to say that Bernardo has been victorious in introducing Ganoderma in the world.

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Cassio Audi; Drummer Turned CFO

Cassio Audi is a business executive who served as a band member in the eighties. He was a member of Viper. This is a Brazilian heavy metal band. The group came together in 1985 and Audi joined as the drummer. The band was influenced by British rock and other genres. They developed their distinct sound as time went on.

They recorded a demo tape known as “The Killera Sword” in 1985. They proceeded to start recording their album after the success of the tape. They released “Soldiers of Sunrise” in 1987. The band incorporated flawed English and did some basic production. Viper impressed many people because of the degree of talent that they showcased despite their age. All members were still teenagers at the time of the release of the album.

They released their sophomore album known as “Theatre of Fate” two years later. The album featured some fan favorites including “Moonlight Sonata” and “Living for the Night.” “Theatre of Fate” received international acclaim after it was released in several countries. It was a hit in Japan. It outsold albums from popular bands including Van Halen and Nirvana. Audi received songwriting credits for his contributions to the production of the album. Audi later parted ways with the band to focus on his studies.

Audi left the band to study at PUC Sao Paulo in 1989. Audi graduated from the school with a degree in Business. He is able to work well with international clients because of his proficiency in Spanish and English. He started his career as a fixed income analyst and a trader at JP Morgan Chase. Audi went on to join Dow Chemical as a senior financial analyst in 1996. Audi has an MBA from the University of Sao Paulo where he graduated in 1999. He was soon appointed the chief financial officer of Gillette in Brazil.

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Honey Birdette – Lingeries That Captures Your Inner Sexy

How many women enjoy looking sexy? Many women reading this probably yelled, “Me” and “I do” in response. It’s true! Women love to look their best! The desire to be alluring and attractive is on the forefront of woman’s mind when it comes to wearing lingerie! You want to wear something that exhibits your personality and how you see yourself. Honey Birdette’s New York collection provides negligees that captures the sexiness in who you are!

Lingerie Sets

Lingerie evokes a special feeling that keeps women happy! Hence, Honey Birdette has plenty of fashion styles in their New York Collection. Want a simple lingerie that still screams seductive? Then, try one of Honey Birdette’s bra and thong sets. Prefer more on the edgy side? This Australian lingerie company offers women multiple suspenders styles to match any appearance desire! No matter your size or your body type, Honey Birdette has something for you!

Pleasure for Both

Who says that women get to have all the fun? Whether you’re participating as an individual or a couple, Honey Birdette supplies toys for both men and women to enjoy! Venus, Florence, and Bentley are just several of many toys that can people can play with! The fun doesn’t stop there. Honey Birdette also has lubricants and games for couples to really explore their wild side.

Every lovely woman should have the opportunity to be alluring and attractive in the exact way they desire. From lingerie sets, fashion essentials, down to pleasure toys Honey Birdette provides everything you need look your best! Buy a gift card for yourself or someone else; while enjoying their many sales opportunities. It’s obvious that when it comes to giving you an outlet to exhibit your inner sexy, no company does it better than Honey Birdette!

Dr. Gregory Finch; an Expert Orthopaedic Surgeon

Orthopedics is a branch of surgery that specializes in injuries and conditions of the musculoskeletal system .Orthopedic experts deal with new-borns and children with congenital deformities, young people in need of joint preserving surgery, and older people suffering from irreversible degenerative joint problems and are in need of joint replacement. Common orthopedic surgical procedures include total joint replacement and osteotomy.

Total joint replacement is a surgical procedure where a damaged joint is replaced with a prosthesis to relieve pain and disability. This procedure is recommended after nonsurgical procedures like physiotherapy; medication fails to relieve the pain. Joint pain is triggered by impairment to the articular cartilage either from a fracture, arthritis, or another condition. During the operation, the injured bone and cartilage are detached from the joint and is substituted with a prosthetic either made from plastic, ceramic, or metal. The prosthetic component imitates the movement and shape of the ordinary joint. The knee and the hip are the common areas where this procedure is performed. Surgery performed on the knee or the hip can either be a partial or total replacement to allow continued motion.

Osteotomy is a surgical procedure where a bone is removed, added, or its alignment changed near the damaged joint to relieve arthritis of the knee and hip. This procedure allows the weight to be shifted from the area with the damaged cartilage to the area with a healthier cartilage. Knee osteotomy corrects knee deformities such as varus and valgus whereas hip osteotomy involves bone removal of the femur.

Dr. Gregory Finch

Dr. Gregory Finch is an orthopedic surgeon who has specialized in spinal problems like scoliosis and degenerative disorders. He is highly trained in all aspects of spinal surgery, and he specializes in adult cervical spine surgery and minimally invasive spine surgery. Doctor Finch serves at the Perth Royal Hospital and is a member of the Spine Society of Australia and North America Spine Society.