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Jim Tananbaum Contribution in Healthcare

Technology is growing rapidly and the integration of mobile software’s speculated to be picking pace. In recent news From Patients daily, it was reported that Mindstrong Health had secured $14 million dollars funding for the upgrade of medical plans. Investors such as Foresite Capital, ARCH Venture Partners, and One Mind Brain Health Impact Fund took part in the series-A funding. The funding was meant to improve on various methods of treating brain ailments. These methods would incorporate the use of the sophisticated technology introduced by Foresite Capital. The technology involved the integration of smartphones to diagnose and aid in the treatment of neuropsychiatric disorders. Visit

Business Wire, revealed that Mindstrong technology uses brain cognition function to monitor patterns of interaction on Smartphone devices in an objective of measuring the brain function. The company’s aim is to provide continuous digital bookmakers using the function of mood and cognition. Mindstrong Health founding team was echoed to have brought an unmatched understanding in the critical challenges affecting the way medical communities administer their treatments. Foresite CEO, Jim Tananbaum remarked that, the modernized move was one of the best medical approaches in history. He also added that the innovative platform paved way for further discovery and improvements in the future.

About Jim Tananbaum

In a report by INC42, Jim Tananbau is the founder, president and CEO of Foresite Capital based in San Francisco. He is an industry leader with over 25 years experience in healthcare entrepreneur. His focus is based on strategic operational and financial opportunities in healthcare businesses. Prior to founding Foresite, Tananbaum was the co-founder of GelTex Pharmaceuticals, co-founder of Theravance, and Prospect Venture Partners. His company provides growth capital to emerging healthcare sectors from both private and public markets. During his 25 years experience, Tananbaum has founded and helped in the growth of healthcare franchises in all healthcare sectors.

Jim graduated from Yale University with a BS/BSEE degree and earned an M.D. and an M.B.A. from the University of Harvard. He later furthered his studies in Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he earned an M.S. His successful career has made him one of the richest investors in the world.

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How your Marketing Can Get Better with White Shark Media

If you have a company that would benefit from professionals that have expertise in digital marketing and other forms of propaganda, you should contact White Shark Media. They are one of the best professional companies specialized in finding marketing solutions as a third-party provider for other businesses.

White Shark Media is one of the digital agencies in North America that has the biggest number of positive feedback, which has provided them with an incredible rate of growth for the past few years in the market.

The company was created by three Danish entrepreneurs who were experts in all kinds of propaganda and marketing, each one with their unique skills in a different department. They, together, founded the White Shark Media, which united their knowledge of advertisement and brand-promoting and became one of the most well-received media companies in the United States.

White Shark Media is definitely one of the fastest growing digital agencies in the country, and that is due to their philosophies. Their marketing plans are cost-effective Marketing campaigns that make sure they can provide services that are more affordable than other providers in the industry while also having triumphing results in the end.

White Shark Media was once a ’boutique agency,’ which has evolved into the company that it is today.

The advisors and professionals that work in White Shark Media provide both digital marketing services but other means of advertisement as well. Although digital ads are the most sought services among clients, the advisors of the firm understand that all kinds of marketing have their own benefits, advantages, and disadvantages.

The company is known for being exceptional with “AdWords Management,” where they make sure that your advertisements receive the biggest amount of clicks and attention from customers on the internet. This, however, isn’t their only field of expertise. The advisors of the White Shark Media follow strictly the training requirements of Google, which means that your ads will have the biggest likelihood of appearing in the search engines and catch the attention of the type of public that you are trying to target.

The group offers risk-free assessment from some of their experts, and the evaluation is something that is provided by any specialist inside the company, doesn’t matter what type of client you are.

Their evaluation program is comprehensive and will evaluate the marketing plans for your brand/company. At the end of the session, the professional of White Shark Media will state what he would do differently to target a bigger audience or reach your objective more efficiently.

This is how White Shark Media provides the best attendance in the market.

Omar Yunes – Winning the Best Franchisee of the World Competition with Ease

Omar Yunes is a familiar name in the food industry of Mexico and is the owner of 13 Franchise units of Sushi Itto brand in the country. The 13 franchise units owned by Omar Yunes are located in Puebla, Veracruz, and Mexico City. Omar Yunes started off in the food industry at a very young age of 21, but he never bogged down to the challenges he faced.


Omar Yunes was determined to make it big in the food industry from the very beginning of his childhood due to his immense passion and love for food. And, when Sushi Itto, one of the most popular Japanese fast food brands came to Mexico, Omar didn’t hesitate to make a substantial investment to start his first Sushi Itto joint. Even though he owns 13 franchise units of Sushi Itto now, he has expansion plans in his mind and wants to open much more in the years to come.


The success of Omar Yunes can be measured by the number of awards in the food industry he was won over the years. In 2015, he even won the Best Franchisee in the World Competition, which is amongst the most challenging competitions in the food business. Omar Yunes said when receiving the award that it is one of the milestones that he has been waiting to achieve for a long, and thanks to the determined and dedicated efforts of his workforce of over 400 employees, he has been able to win the BFW Competition finally. Hundreds of franchise from 34 countries participated in the 2015 edition of the Best Franchisee of the World Competition. Winning such a contest is one of the most prestigious recognitions in the industry. It also helped in bringing much fame and positive reputation to the Sushi Itto brand as well as the restaurants owned by Omar Yunes.


Omar Yunes comes from a family that has a political background and has sound financial backing. However, Omar Yunes never banked upon his family’s wealth and went on to create his own success story through hard work and determination to succeed in the industry he is so passionate about.

Learn Ninja Fast With ClassDojo

With all of the new technology these days it’s hard to not find a place without any gadgets. ClassDojo is an app that’s made its way into the education system and people can’t imagine schools without it. The communication app ties in students, teachers, and parents as well as keeps everyone up to date with everything school related. Any outstanding accomplishment is given Dojo points which relates to a reward system.

The benefits of applying this app into schools were more than we could account for. Teachers don’t have to waste paper anymore, which means the schools can use their funds for something else. Updates and conduct reports are instant and teachers don’t have to stop class to lecture behavior, saving faculty time in the long run. Everything from absenses, social interactions with peers, and behavior can be inputted and a report goes out to parents and guardians every week. They can quickly track what’s working for the students and what isn’t to more personalize the student’s situation. ClassDojo works on lobular devices, computers, and more importantly smart boards. Lectures and studies can be displayed onto the smart board and students can participate solo or in groups. Everyone can instantly message each other so that students can have fun and parents can be notified immediately if there’s an emergency. With all of its features and efficiency it’s only a matter of time until the educational communication app and other technological innovations make their way to every school in the country.

Omar Yunes Bags the Award for Best Franchisee of the Year 2015

Omar Yunes is an executive business professional. He bagged the award for the best franchisee in 2015. After the announcement of his winning, Omar represented the Mexican society in franchisee of the world. It was held in Italy in 2015. In present years, franchising has become one of the most vital elements of business and trade. The best franchisee of the world is an award that is given to entrepreneurs who have demonstrated professionalism as well as attention in the goals, objectives as well as the importance of franchisors.

Selection of Franchisee

Before the global event, there is a selection process that included all countries that wanted to participate in the event. The national versions of the global event included the best franchises. Both events were held to recognize the best franchise companies. This is in an effort to award the enchanting brand in the market. The competition also seeks to award individuals who have expressed extensive efforts in team work, charter leadership as well as innovation. By participating in the franchisee awards, the franchisees are better placed in a position to increase visibility through established relationships that promote entrepreneurial networks.

Omar’s Position

At the 2015 global event for franchises, Omar Yunes was awarded for his efforts in business. He was tagged the winner of the Sushi Itto franchise. His label came through thanks to his efforts in elevating the brand name. The award saw to it that his professionalism, as well as a commitment to the brand, was recognized. Omar Yunes is a successful entrepreneur. He is committed to ensuring that business professionals receive substantial as well as sound advice to stabilize the start-ups.

Advice to Employers

Being a professional business man, Omar Yunes is trusted to guide companies. In an article, he offers the following advice:

Praise– as an employer, it is important to recognize the efforts of the workers. Appreciate the input of an employee in the organization. This is a strategy towards encouraging the employee.

Feedback- when it comes to high-level management, receiving feedback is a challenging factor that must be initiated by a series of communication channels. That is why Omar Yunes encourages staff to air out their issues in the management. This is in order to get the help they need.

James Dondero: The Financialist Leading Highland Capital On It’s Path Of Success

James Dondero is a well known name in the financial industry in the state of Texas. He is known best for being the founder of Highland Capital, a company that specializes in financial analysis. The company is among some of the best in the state, and has gained a massive positive reputation for the high quality of services that they provide. James Dondero has an incredible amount of knowledge when it comes to the field of finance, which is what has helped him grow and develop to be as good as he is in the sector. He has always believed in constantly learning to improve his skills in the field, which is something that has helped him reach the position that he is in today.

Highland Capital is one of the most well known financial service companies in Dallas, and is among some of the top in the state of Texas. The company takes pride in the high quality of services that they offer. James Dondero has always deemed customer service to be one of the main contributing factors to the success of a company, and has tried to enforce this as much as possible with his company. Having worked with numerous people coming from various different sectors, he knows exactly how to handle every client that comes to the company. Because of this, the company has received numerous positive reviews from clients who have come to them for help with their financial matters. The company has worked with a wide array of clients, right from small households, to large corporations looking for help with their finances. The company has some of the best financial advisors on board so that all the clients that come to them can be taken care of well. James Dondero has extremely high standards for the work that he puts out, which is why Highland Capital has managed to get such a good name for itself.

James Dondero is solely responsible for the success of the company. He believes in working tirelessly to ensure that everything is in order. Currently, he leads the company from his position of President.

When it comes to previous work experience, James Dondero has had some notable jobs. He previously worked for a company known as Protective Life, which was a company that offered financial solutions to businesses. He helped transform the company, making it the billion dollar company it is today.

Talos Energy and the Gulf of Mexico

In August 2014, Mexico passed into law legislation that would allow international oil companies to erect and operate oil platform in the Gulf of Mexico. Such a thing has not been done for more than 80 years. Earlier this year, for the first time in 80 years a private company put a new offshore oil platform in the Gulf of Mexico. The platform project is a joint venture between Premier Oil Plc, Talos Energy, and Sierra Oil & Gasbegan. Since 1938 all new oil platforms were started by the state-run Petroleos Mexicanos.

As part of a reform process, Mexico recently opened up its waters to international companies. The first collaboration is only the first of many that are anticipated. The drilling began in May and is expected to be completed sometime this month. All three companies will each own a significant portion of the platform, but Talos will be its operator. Talos Energy’s story starts back in the financial crises of the last decade. The tanking commodity prices at that time convinced Tim Duncan to rethink their investing strategy and to only invest in the most lucrative and promising areas.
It paid off and in 2013 big time and they ended up with $600 million, with which they started Talos Energy. Soon they had 60 professionals stationed in Houston and were producing 16,000 barrels of oil per day. They have since also added 120 various workers in the Gulf of Mexico. And Talos continues to do extremely well. It was recently named by WorkplaceDynamics as one the best places to work. Duncan, who remains the company’s CEO, is extremely optimistic about its future. And as its leader and founder, he has put some of the company profits into the pockets of employees.
Talos is just one of many international oil companies fully anticipated to drastically affect the future of the Mexican oil industry in various ways. This future is a bit unpredictable. It is not clear whether it will be positive or negative. Time will tell and in the meantime, the Mexico oil reform will progress.

The Cancer Treatment Centers Of America Develop A New Cancer Care Protocol

The chance to find a faster and easier way of working with cancer specialists has been developed by the Cancer Treatment Centers of America in the form of the direct access allowed to the clinical operating system where oncologists have provided access to information about the movement of cancer in their patients. Both patients and specialists will find benefits in the use of an enlarged database of information that allows each individual the chance to explore the options open to them in finding the correct treatment for their specific form of cancer.

Over the course of the 2016 and into 2017 this development from The Cancer Treatment Centers of America has been introduced with the aid of the Eviti system that allows patients and specialists access to their treatment plan. Among these benefits patients will see are the development of faster access to information for clinicians who will be able to identify treatments that have proven successful in other patients and replicate them in a successful way.

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America has been looking to develop the best possible range of activities and treatment options that will aid in treating those with cancer. Traditional mainstream treatments and those seen as complementary treatments are all combined to create a new and more natural way of battling cancers in their many different forms. Among the areas of interest for The Cancer Treatment Centers of America is the use of complimentary medicines that can be used to battle the issues seen with complications from chemotherapy and other traditional cancer treatments.

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America now operates five hospital locations across the U.S. to allow a larger number of individuals than ever before to find assistance with their own cancer battle. Founded in 1988, The Cancer Treatment Centers of America are fully accredited after achieving Full Standards Compliance from the Joint Commission.

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Knowing More About Amicus Therapeutics

Amicus Therapeutics refers to a biotechnology company. It is a market leader in developing innovative therapies. These are used for treating rare as well as debilitating orphan diseases. In addition, this company has a program that includes developing innovative treatments that can be used for several genetic diseases.

There are several genetic diseases that are a result of mutations. These tend to disrupt the three-dimensional folding of proteins, which happens in a normal situation. This leads to decreasing the stability of these proteins. The genetic diseases here would include the lysosomal overload diseases. They are a result of mutations. These tend to alter the engodene enzymes of the patient. It can result in improper folding of enzymes leading to decreasing their stability. Such mutations will lead to an accumulation of substrate in certain cells of the body.

Next is the Fabry disease. This can be considered as an inherited lysosomal overload disease. It is caused due to the deficiency of the α-galactosidase A enzyme. This enzyme can degrade glycosphingolipids (fat) in lysosomes. There can be the progressive accumulation of GL-3. It can lead to morbidity as well as mortality of the Fabry disease. It leads to extreme pain, besides digestive disorders. There can even be renal failure, besides cardiac problems. It may lead to cerebrovascular accidents too.

Another inherited lysosomal overload disease is Pompe Disease, on which Amicus Therapeutics is working. This disease is caused due to the deficiency of the acid α-glucosidase (AGA) enzyme. Once the levels of AGA reduce or vanish from the body, it can lead to the accumulation of glycogen that can happen in the lysosomes of many cells in the human body. Such kind of progressive accumulation of glycogen can lead to the morbidity as well as mortality associated with the Pompe disease. It can lead to weakness in muscles along with respiratory issues.

Amicus Therapeutics is also looking at EB, which refers to a rare genetic disease. It tends to manifest itself in blistering, besides eroding any kind of erosions that may happen in the skin. There can even be mucosal involvement of various organs that may be associated here.

Talk Fusion CEO Bob Reina Is Changing The Face Of Communication

Industry revolutionary Bob Reina is the powerhouse behind his innovative video marketing product Talk Fusion. Bob founded his video marketing company in 2007, filling a void in the market with Talk Fusion’s product Video Email. Bob Reina cracked the world of email marketing when he found that he couldn’t email his family a video clip of house that he was considering purchasing. That’s when Bob realized that he could fill that market need and change how we communicate. Bob Reina called on his twenty plus years of experience in direct sales and marketing and on his friend Dr. Jonathan Chen to get the ball rolling. Dr. Chen is not only Bob’s friend but also an expert in information technology, so he was able to help bring Bob’s vision to life. Learn more:


Bob Reina is a businessman who never gives up. In his prior work life as a police officer he realized that although his desire was always to help the community, he would never get ahead financially by being reliant on his day job. His life changed when he was introduced to network marketing. The business was not an easy one for Bob at first – although he put forth great effort to build successful marketing teams for new products, the companies that he was working so hard for would not succeed. Through hard work and Bob Reina’s groundbreaking company Talk Fusion he has hit the jackpot. Talk Fusion is an essential product for any business that wants to develop a great relationship with their clients. Learn more:


The desire to share his experience and knowledge is what sets Bob Reina apart from the business crowd. Not only does he want to elevate his community and business partners but he also wants to give back as much as he can. His donations to charitable organizations say a lot about how he runs Talk Fusion, which is to lead by example. Bob Reina donated one million dollars to The Humane Society and supports an orphanage in Indonesia. Bob shows his employees the same devotion as they share the mission of Talk Fusion to promote success. Learn more: