Learn Ninja Fast With ClassDojo

With all of the new technology these days it’s hard to not find a place without any gadgets. ClassDojo is an app that’s made its way into the education system and people can’t imagine schools without it. The communication app ties in students, teachers, and parents as well as keeps everyone up to date with everything school related. Any outstanding accomplishment is given Dojo points which relates to a reward system.

The benefits of applying this app into schools were more than we could account for. Teachers don’t have to waste paper anymore, which means the schools can use their funds for something else. Updates and conduct reports are instant and teachers don’t have to stop class to lecture behavior, saving faculty time in the long run. Everything from absenses, social interactions with peers, and behavior can be inputted and a report goes out to parents and guardians every week. They can quickly track what’s working for the students and what isn’t to more personalize the student’s situation. ClassDojo works on lobular devices, computers, and more importantly smart boards. Lectures and studies can be displayed onto the smart board and students can participate solo or in groups. Everyone can instantly message each other so that students can have fun and parents can be notified immediately if there’s an emergency. With all of its features and efficiency it’s only a matter of time until the educational communication app and other technological innovations make their way to every school in the country.

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