Omar Yunes Bags the Award for Best Franchisee of the Year 2015

Omar Yunes is an executive business professional. He bagged the award for the best franchisee in 2015. After the announcement of his winning, Omar represented the Mexican society in franchisee of the world. It was held in Italy in 2015. In present years, franchising has become one of the most vital elements of business and trade. The best franchisee of the world is an award that is given to entrepreneurs who have demonstrated professionalism as well as attention in the goals, objectives as well as the importance of franchisors.

Selection of Franchisee

Before the global event, there is a selection process that included all countries that wanted to participate in the event. The national versions of the global event included the best franchises. Both events were held to recognize the best franchise companies. This is in an effort to award the enchanting brand in the market. The competition also seeks to award individuals who have expressed extensive efforts in team work, charter leadership as well as innovation. By participating in the franchisee awards, the franchisees are better placed in a position to increase visibility through established relationships that promote entrepreneurial networks.

Omar’s Position

At the 2015 global event for franchises, Omar Yunes was awarded for his efforts in business. He was tagged the winner of the Sushi Itto franchise. His label came through thanks to his efforts in elevating the brand name. The award saw to it that his professionalism, as well as a commitment to the brand, was recognized. Omar Yunes is a successful entrepreneur. He is committed to ensuring that business professionals receive substantial as well as sound advice to stabilize the start-ups.

Advice to Employers

Being a professional business man, Omar Yunes is trusted to guide companies. In an article, he offers the following advice:

Praise– as an employer, it is important to recognize the efforts of the workers. Appreciate the input of an employee in the organization. This is a strategy towards encouraging the employee.

Feedback- when it comes to high-level management, receiving feedback is a challenging factor that must be initiated by a series of communication channels. That is why Omar Yunes encourages staff to air out their issues in the management. This is in order to get the help they need.

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