Talk Fusion CEO Bob Reina Is Changing The Face Of Communication

Industry revolutionary Bob Reina is the powerhouse behind his innovative video marketing product Talk Fusion. Bob founded his video marketing company in 2007, filling a void in the market with Talk Fusion’s product Video Email. Bob Reina cracked the world of email marketing when he found that he couldn’t email his family a video clip of house that he was considering purchasing. That’s when Bob realized that he could fill that market need and change how we communicate. Bob Reina called on his twenty plus years of experience in direct sales and marketing and on his friend Dr. Jonathan Chen to get the ball rolling. Dr. Chen is not only Bob’s friend but also an expert in information technology, so he was able to help bring Bob’s vision to life. Learn more:


Bob Reina is a businessman who never gives up. In his prior work life as a police officer he realized that although his desire was always to help the community, he would never get ahead financially by being reliant on his day job. His life changed when he was introduced to network marketing. The business was not an easy one for Bob at first – although he put forth great effort to build successful marketing teams for new products, the companies that he was working so hard for would not succeed. Through hard work and Bob Reina’s groundbreaking company Talk Fusion he has hit the jackpot. Talk Fusion is an essential product for any business that wants to develop a great relationship with their clients. Learn more:


The desire to share his experience and knowledge is what sets Bob Reina apart from the business crowd. Not only does he want to elevate his community and business partners but he also wants to give back as much as he can. His donations to charitable organizations say a lot about how he runs Talk Fusion, which is to lead by example. Bob Reina donated one million dollars to The Humane Society and supports an orphanage in Indonesia. Bob shows his employees the same devotion as they share the mission of Talk Fusion to promote success. Learn more:


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