Kabbalah Can Open Us Up To New Opportunities & Joy

At the Kabbalah Center you can develop a more meaningful experience while here on earth. Kabbalah is a esoteric study that has its roots in Judaism. Most modern Kabbalah Centers are non-Jewish spiritualists or have created western adaptations of Kabbalah. As more people practice Kabbalah that opens rooms for more like minded individuals to create meaningful connections.Kabbalists are encouraged to live to their best potential while here on earth. It’s considered good practice to consider others peoples needs through encouragement and a helping hand.

Kabbalah also encourages its followers to not abstain and be okay with the needs and desires you have in a healthy way. Participate in sexual advances with willing partners, eat food that is delicious, and drink in moderation. Make intelligent decisions that don’t end with regret.Our clothing is a representation of what we hold dear inside of us. It teaches us that we should be mindful of the clothes we’re dressing ourselves with because it is a message to the world. Take a few moments in the morning to think about what you’re putting on, why and if its helpful to the world? Not only will you learn a little bit about yourself during that discussion with yourself, but you are also mindfully verbalizing how you want your clothes to be interpreted by the world outside.

The LA Kabbalah Centre teaches Kabbalah and Zohar, is non-profit, and is available online throughout the world. While they are non-profit they contribute many donations to needy funds like humanitarian aid, financial relief to those affected by disasters, and help fight for gender equality. They have been there for those that suffered through Hurricane Katrina, earthquakes in Haiti, and many more. They have also grouped up with Red Cross to provide additional help to other needs around the world.

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