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Greg Secker; Changing the World in Trading and Philanthropy

Greg Secker was attended the University of Nottingham, studying Agriculture and Food Science; however, his career began in the mid-1990s where he became a part of Thomas Cook Financial Services. While at Thomas Cook, he advanced foreign exchange trading systems. In 1998, Secker created the Virtual Trading Desk, which is an online forex trading platform and won the British Telecom Award for his innovation. Secker then went on to become Vice President for the Mellon Corporation and learned from the traders there enough to retire in 2003. He then started out a trading floor in his living room and became a full-time forex trader and in 3 months, Learn to Trade was born.


Learn to Trade was a company where Greg began to mentor people on trading strategies, and then formed the Knowledge to Action Group. Since 2008, Greg Secker has been giving financial trading seminars worldwide, and has won other awards as a result, such as; being a finalist in the 2010 London Excellence Awards, and again in 2010, placed 49th in the Sunday Times Initiative sponsored by Virgin that recognizes the UK’s fastest growing companies. He doesn’t just give lectures, as Greg Secker is also a philanthropist.

Secker has given to the Tusk and Child Bereavement Trust and then in 2011, he formed The Greg Secker Foundation dedicated to making people’s lives better by working with The Christmas Basket Brigade, Global Tradeathon, Youth Leadership Summit, Starkey Hearing Foundation, Early Childhood Development Program, and The Flying Trader Project. Secker’s foundation has worked with Sir Richard Branson along with Virgin Unite to build a new crèche in some of the rural villages in South Africa. In 2016, The Greg Secker Foundation started building a village of 100 homes and facilities in Lemery, called “Build a House, Build a Home.” In March 2017, he became a member of the board to Ambassadors for City Philanthropy, and included on the list of the “200 Most Influential Philanthropists and Social Entrepreneurs.”

Paul Mampilly’s Impactful Investment Career

Paul Mampilly holds a Bachelor in Business Administration from Montclair State University and an MBA from Ford Gabelli School of Business. He is a renowned investment expert who has won prestigious awards for his contribution like in the Templeton Foundation Investment Competition. His spectacular business career began in 1989 at Chatham Street Management as an Accounts Assistant, two years later moved to Bankers Trust Company (currently Deutsche Bank) as an Accounts Administrator, then as an Assistant Portfolio Manger and eventually the Portfolio Manager.

Part of Paul’s portfolio includes working as a research analyst at Deutsche Asset Management and ING Funds. He has also authored several investment advisory publications at Common Sense Publishing Co., Agora Financial and Stansberry Research.

Paul is the CEO and founder of Capuchinimics – a research publishing service and Capuchin Consulting providing investment solutions. His career has been affluent: when he was at Templeton Foundation through his input, he converted a $50 million investment into $88 million which translates to 76% profits without shorting stocks. In his tenure, Banyan Hill Publishing Firm was granted permission to start Profits Unlimited to guide Americans into viable investment opportunities. Rather than Mampilly investing capital on their behalf, they would make subscriptions by buying stocks in their brokerage accounts. Nevertheless, his monthly newsletter and the weekly update on the stocks would help them make informed investment choices.

Currently, the Profits Unlimited has over 60,000 subscribers who are trading well in the stocks. In the period of October 2011 to December 2012, he recommended 29 stocks in the Palm Beach Newsletter, and as of the close of the year 2013, 28 stocks had gone up by 53% with only one down. One of his clients reportedly has garnered profits of $45,190 through Paul Mampilly’s reviews and projections.

Clearly, Paul Mampilly has a pool of knowledge and experience in Money management especially in the bulls market, bare markets and amidst financial crisis for over 25 years now.

Arthur Becker’s Path to Real Estate

Head down to the Tribeca neighborhood in downtown Manhattan and you’ll find yourself on the doorsteps to Arthur Becker’s real estate office. Arthur Becker is one of the most prominent and interesting real estate developers in the city and his story is a unique one. Becker originally got his start as a stock trader for Bear Stearns. It was here that he hit it big investing and trading in tech companies during the early 2000s. Arthur Becker transitioned from being a stockbroker and hit the ground running as an investor, entrepreneur, artist, and real estate developer. That’s quite the hyphenate of talent, isn’t it? Check out Ideamensch to know more.

Well, the journey has been anything but to the point but Becker’s career is already something that future entrepreneurs should think of studying. Becker got out of the stock trading game in order to pursue his passion as an investor. Over the years we saw Becker dip into several different industries, all alien to one another. Becker’s most interesting investment is probably his purchasing of a string of macadamia nut farms located in Hawaii. Becker got the tip from a friend and managed to re-sell those farms to a certain cookie maker that you’ve likely heard of: Mrs. Fields. From there Becker got into creating and selling his own origami artwork as well as investing in other art. Becker has also made a habit of collecting and re-selling ancient currency from South African countries. As a former banker, Becker is always interested in seeing how money impacted prior cultures and generators.

The point of this journey, as you’ll soon find out, was to get to a place where real estate was viable. Becker jumped into the New York real estate game by becoming a silent partner — the money man for bigger investors. Becker has already partnered up on several big projects in New York including the development called Billionaires’ Row which is at 111 West 57th Street. Becker has provided finances to Michael Stern, Kevin Maloney, and Robert Gladstone. Learning from these big wig investors has been a great way for Becker to prepare himself for his own solo project, located at 465 Washington Street in Manhattan. More details can be found on Perezhilton.

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Development of AXA Advisors with Vincent Parascandol

AXA advisors one of the best French International organization and their main aim is to provide security to their clients. The company ensures that they assist their customers to get services which they need. 1859 is when the company began and developed rapidly because of the devotion and effort that Vincent Parascandola put through. Investment supervision and universal insurance are some of the services the company provides.


AXA Advisors linked with 3 financial platforms in the year 2016 and also expanded their services in the Asia –Pacific region, Africa, Western Europe, North America and also the Middle East. The company was named Mutuelle de L’assurance center L’incendie, in the year 1816 and then in the year 1985 the company decide to rename the company to AXA Advisors. Due to the development of the company they attained Winterthur Group for a total of €9 billion whereby the organization is a top company in Swiss which deals with insurance.


The company helped a lot of charity they started the AXA Research Fund which had €100 million in the year 2008, the organization fund various research in order to help the world through researching the risks that may face the environment and human race hence they provide solution to these matters and over 256 research project in a duration of 3 years were funded. Furthermore the company is located in the 8th arrondissement of Paris

Vincent Parascandola is the senior President of AXA Advisors, LLC and he controls the management improvement of the company, sales, the development of new financial specialist and proficiency. He also attained his bachelor’s degree in science from Pace University.


He started as an agent working at Prudential his devotion in the business made him work for more than 25 years in the company hence gaining a lot of expertise and experience. He then joined MONY Life Insurance Company when he left Prudential. The accomplishment he attained at the company made him join AXA Advisors where he developed the company rapidly. He was the president of a unit of Equitable at AXA Advisors then became the senior vice president of the organization.



What The UKV PLC Recommends In Wine Investing

The French have such an archaic system of labeling wine that it leaves inexperienced tasters confused on what to look for. UKV PLC’s guest post in the French Tribune clears up how French labeling works.

The French truly believe that geographical location is the most important aspect that defines the value of the wine. Environmental differences will have a certain effect on the grapes that changes taste and color. This is why bottles are labeled by region rather than the type of grape used. The UKV PLC have their wines labeled in their store so that there is less confusion when selecting bottles.

UKV PLC believes that wine is more than just a luxury drink, but rather a long term investment. Many of France’s finest wines have appreciated in value, essentially making them an investment. It is such a complex market to navigate through, so using UKV PLC as a guide will lead you to the right bottles to invest in.

UKV PLC is a big fan of Bordeaux wines since they are widely recognized and sought after internationally. This is one of the largest wine producing regions of France with over 10,000 individual producers. This is also one of the most exported wines, essentially the absolute brand name in French wines.

The UKV PLC also recommends Burgundy for high quality white wines. Chardonnay grapes are grown in this region to make light and fruity spirits. The Côte de Beaune Chardonnay is the most famous bottle from this region of France.

Handling the World Of Online Shopping For Clothes With Fabletics

With fashion, there is a lot of room to be unique. However, business requires things to be rather consistent throughout industries. This is so things can be easier for customers. However, there is no need for clothes to be the same throughout all of the activewear category. Fashion is something that has a lot of room for people to find their own favorite outfits. Fabletics has looked for ways to change the retail game for the better. They have come up with something that could encourage customers to participate in the promotions that they have going. Customers do wind up saving tons of money on memberships.


The online shopping world can be very frustrating. A lot of people have to get used to the clicking and all of the typing that could be frustrating if the site is not user friendly. Fortunately, Fabletics has been created with the intention of being simplistic for the customers. After all, customers want to buy the items they like with very little problem. This is why the creators of the site wanted to make sure that the customer knows the process of buying the items. Otherwise, they will walk away from Fabletics even if they have some of the best products.


Another thing about shopping online for clothes is that it tends to be rather challenging because sites don’t show the clothes from all of the right angles. Therefore, people are left not knowing what they are getting. Fortunately, Fabletics has pictures of clothing that they are presenting to their customers. They make sure that the customer can see the front and the back of the item so that they will know what they are buying.


Since Fabletics has started as an online fashion retailer, they are likely to thrive in the fashion world as it shifts towards the internet. People get to enjoy the different fits and styles that they want without all of the hassle that could come with an online retailer that does not have a well thought out platform. Fabletics has taken its unique approach and used it to build some physical locations.

Traveling Vineyard – How Much Can You Make Selling Their Wine?

The Traveling Vineyard is ready to help you make money and create a career for yourself in the world of selling wine. This is an industry that is usually considered saturated, but in locations where great tasting wine isn’t so easily available, you have the opportunity to achieve great success by simply joining this company. They love helping their sellers and marketers as much as possible because they know of what they are capable of.

Traveling Vineyard – How Much Can You Make Selling Their Wine?

The money you can make is all in your hands. When you have events, have others selling for you, and you are constantly on the edge of your seat, you can definitely say that you have so many opportunities ready for you. Their Wine Guides at the moment average about $80-$100 from a single wine tasting event. If you are able to have about 3-5 events in a single week, several people who are selling their wine under your authority, and not to mention the small parties you can have about wine tasting, you can say the amounts of cash you could earn is quite unlimited. The sky is the limit for you in this industry.

The Traveling Vineyard is a company ready to have you join their team. They are ready to see what you are capable of to help ensure you grow and understand all aspects of this business. Get ready for the events and networking opportunities to help you meet other sellers too.

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Avaaz, a Global Network for Positive Change

Whether it’s smartphones or the Internet, technology today links almost everyone on Earth. One group has used that interdependence to try and make the world a better place for all. Avaaz, an international activist organization, uses an expansive network of digitally connected members around the globe to raise awareness about issues affecting some of the world’s most vulnerable communities. Founded in 2007 by Ricken Patel, who was called “the global leader of online protest” by the Guardian, Avaaz’s name comes from an Indo-European word for “voice”. Avaaz uses the collective voice of its more than 44 million members in almost all of the world’s countries to direct public and media attention to issues, contact politicians and lawmakers, and even organize protests and marches. Oppressive governments, corrupt corporations and hate groups have all been challenged by Avaaz members worldwide. Besides raising awareness and demonstrating, Avaaz also takes action to help. Avaaz’s network of members has raised millions in emergency aid for cyclone victims in Burma and earthquake survivors in Nepal in a matter of hours, thanks to the power of the Internet. Along with issues affecting people, Avaaz also prioritizes saving the planet. Avaaz has been involved in a number of ecological causes, like rallying for an end to whaling and protecting coral reefs. In Borneo, thousands of Avaaz members raised money to purchase hundreds of acres of rain forest, while in Europe a massive Avaaz campaign played a part in passing a ban on a dangerous bee-killing pesticide. By allowing users to create and organize online petitions and donate with the click of a button, Avaaz has made taking action and making a difference accessible to anyone, anywhere in the world.2

For more information follow Avaaz on Twitter.

How the Kabbalah Center Has Been Instrumental in Conveying Kabbalistic Wisdom

As a non-profit organization based in Los Angeles, California, the Kabbalah Center is more than a religious place of worship. The center is headed by multi-ethnic teachers who emancipate people on Kabbalistic teachings as well as the Zohar. Those who prefer browsing the Internet can also access the teachings online. The Kabbalah Center International has established regional and city-based study centers across the globe. Therefore, the Kabbalistic teachings are available to interested individuals irrespective of their geographical location.Kabbalistic teachings are based on the mysteries of Kabbalah. In the past, Rabbis offered the teachings to male students mostly. Rabbis also ensured that students could only acquire the knowledge when they were past 40 years old. This mechanism received criticism from traditionalists and spiritual leaders. Most of them categorized Kabbalistic teachings under ancient Judaism.


The Kabbalah Center International attributes its growth from Rav Yehuda and Rav Philip Berg. The institution was first founded as the National Research Institute of Kabbalah in 1965. Yehuda’s birth name was TzviBrandwein while Berg’s birth name was FeivelGruberger. Rav Yehuda headed the YeshivahKol Yehuda as the dean while in Israel. The Israel-based facility, founded in 1922, later gave birth to Kabbalah Centers that are currently distributed across the United States.In 1984, the first Los Angeles-based Kabbalah Center was built. Philip Berg enlisted the help of his wife, Karen Berg, and established a new Kabbalah Center within New York City. Since 1984, the LA-based Kabbalah Center has helped Kabbalah enthusiasts to understand the ancient wisdom. Karen and Michael succeeded Rav Philip Berg as the directors after he passed away. The facility currently operates under a non-profit license and has opened branches in Toronto and London.


The Kabbalistic teachings stand out from other knowledge sources due to its universal approach. The teachings are usually compared to popular religions such as Islam, Christianity, and Buddhism. The Kabbalah Center was not established to replace any religion. They insist that the center acts as a source of universal wisdom. In the facility, students learn about the Kippot concept. According to this concept, EinSof is an unbounded God who connects with all life forms on earth.

EOS Brings Customers a New Option for Lip Balm

EOS is a company that many people are starting to recognize because it brings forth a new and exciting lip balm brand. This company has been around for years because the Evolution of Smooth also sells products like shaving cream and lotion. EOS lip balm, however, has become one of the biggest sellers for this company in recent years.

There is an exciting amount of energy that is linked to this Well-known product because it caters to a new generation of consumers that are buying products that they see on social media, This is the product that has become quite popular thanks to Kim Kardashian and Miley Cyrus. These are just a few of the many celebrities that have decided to try this brand of lip balm. Their fans are checking out this type of lip balm and that is changing the way that consumers see this product line.

There certainly are a lot of new customers that gravitate towards the brand because it is popular with celebrities, but there are also other factors to consider. One of the things that make this a hot brand is the numerous colors that are available on Amazon. These colors are often used for decorating certain events so the color and shape of the spear has generated a new need for lip balm. The abundant flavors are also another factor that makes this one of the more popular product lines for consumers that want to try different fruit flavors.

There are also some theme-based lip balm flavors from EOS lip balm that have also caused people to notice this more. It is essentially a great marketing campaign that has been presented for EOS that has changed the way that people see this brand. There is a large amount of praise for what this company has managed to do.