Mullen Lowe’s José Henrique Borghi is a Respected Member of Brazil’s Advertising Industry

Brazil has one of the most creative advertising platforms in the world. Many of the ads campaigns used by American Express, Honda, Unilever, Mitsubishi, and others got their start in the Brazilian advertising market. The men and women who are part of the ad campaigns in Brazil are capable of creating ads that millions of people relate to and support. One of those people is José Henrique Borghi. When Borghi’s name comes up in ad meetings, big corporations know they are getting one of the most creative people in the advertising and marketing business. Borghi played a role in developing ad campaigns for companies like Hyatt, Mattel, Ikea, Harley Davidson, Google, JetBlue, Royal Caribbean, Western Union, Johnson and Johnson and General Motors and other international corporations.

José Henrique Borghi started his ad career in 1989. He became a Vice-President of the Leo Burnett Agency. He was named president of that agency in 2002. José is one of those people who loves what he does, so he formed the Creative Intelligence Agency with another advertising great, Erh Ray. In 2006, Borghi and Ray merged with Lowe Advertising Agency, and Borghi was named president. Mr. Borghi continued to shine after the merger and the Mullen Advertising Agency liked what Borghi’s was doing. The Mullen Ad Agency is present in several markets outside of Brazil, and the board wanted more coverage in Brazil, so another merger took place. Mullen Lowe became the Borghi/Lowe Agency in Brazil, and Borghi was named Co-CEO with André Gomes. Gomes was the VP of Mullen’s Rio de Janeiro office. Mullen’s Rio and São Paulo offices are the flagship offices.
Borghi’s responsibilities at Mullen Lowe Brasil include overseeing social media, public relations, design planning, digital marketing, mobile marketing, and performance analytics. José uses a hyper bundle approach that includes parts of all of those elements of advertising to create advertising campaigns.

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