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Trying Out WEN by Chaz Dean For A Week

WEN by Chaz Dean is a popular brand, we’ve all seen the QVC infomercials, we’ve all seen the brand featured in magazines, but what happens when an average person tries out this brand? Stylist Emily McClure tried out the brand for a week and here is what she discovered.

The first thing she noticed what the large amount of WEN, the instructions require 10-16 pumps for short hair, 16-24 for medium hair, and 24-32 pumps for long hair. McClure followed the instructions and massaged the product into her scalp and across the ends of her hair. She did note that she almost immediately noticed her hair felt thicker and less hair fell out during the shower. Her hair was bouncy and shiny after a quick blow-dry. The next morning, McClure noticed her roots were already a bit greasy, an unexpected surprise as it usually took and entire day or two for her roots to look that greasy, it had only been about 10 hours.

Day two turned out a bit better, her roots weren’t as greasy as before though still greasier than she would have liked. Even moving her shower to first thing in the morning only helped so much. Initially her hair was bouncy and shiny, people even noticed the difference, but before the day was done it already had a frizzy and greasy look to it. One day, McClure even woke up late and didn’t have time to wash and blow dry her hair, it was a greasy disaster and even though she worked at a salon, she was unable to get her roots to look anything but greasy.

As the week began to wind down, McClure realized the product must be used daily and must be used first thing in the morning. It was shiny, fuller and bouncy while using WEN, and always looked amazing right after a wash and blow-dry. WEN seemed to make her hair lose its ability to hold curl, but the shiny and bouncy healthy hair was hard to deny.

To learn more, check out Wen’s social media pages on Facebook and Twitter.

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Markus Rothkranz Video Recap: Raw Sushi Recipe

In this video, lifestyle guru and motivational speaker Markus Rothkranz gives viewers how to make a raw and vegan version of sushi. It contains no rice or fish but tastes and looks like real sushi! The sushi only contains plants that you could find in your own garden. This video features Markus’ partner Cara Brotman doing the cooking.

First, Cara makes slices the sharp edges off some aloe vera and peels the skin off. Then, she rinses the aloe vera off under cold water to remove the gooey gel and bitter flavor from its surface. Next, she places the aloe vera into some beet juice to give it color and flavor.

The next step is to make “rice.” Cara uses parsnips for this. She cuts it into small pieces, then adds it to a food processor. Then, she adds some cashew butter to the rice to hold it together. Next Cara cuts a strip of toasted seaweed to make a sushi wrapper. After that, she takes a tablespoon of rice, molds it into an oval, and places it toward the bottom of the seaweed strip. She then adds the aloe vera “fish” on top of the parsnip “rice.” Finally, she rolls the sushi up and seals the seaweed strip ends.

The video ends with Cara showing off her final creation. She then tells viewers that this sushi recipe can be found in her and Markus’ “gourmet uncookbook” Love on a Plate on page 180. You can also find the recipe at

Nathaniel Ru is Holding All the Cards When it Comes to Promoting Healthy Meals

Sweetgreen is a restaurant name that rings bells in Florida or Alabama. People in Kentucky may have never heard of this establishment. That is something that Nathaniel Ru is working on. He has already become a whirlwind of a force in places like Boston, Chicago and Los Angeles. He has covered some major cities, and the buzz is spreading. This will make it much easier for him to build restaurants in the southern regions of the United States.


Nathaniel Ru and his team have planted great seeds, and the harvest has been wonderful so far. It is like people are seeing the benefits of a dining establishment like this because it presents salads as more than just salads. It brings vegetables to life, and people are pleased with the delectable meals that they are consuming.


A restaurant just doesn’t become this popular by coincidence. There is a method to the madness. People are going to look at what this restaurant is doing for people that want low calorie meals, and they are going to pick up on this. This is a fun establishment that makes people forget about their diets without breaking away from their diets. This is where Nathaniel Ru has made Sweetgreen different from the competition. There are some fast food establishments that offer salads, but most people aren’t going to pick a salad on the same menu where they can also get a Baconator or a triple cheeseburger. The temptation is far too great. This is where Nathaniel Ru knew that he had to have a whole menu of healthy items. Some may have higher calorie counts than others, but the overarching theme of this restaurant is healthy eating. Few restaurants leaders have taken this route. This is an obvious reason for this, and that reason is risk. Fortunately, the biggest risk has the biggest payout if you play the cards right. Nathaniel Ru is holding and excellent hand, and venture capitalists are now interested in capitalizing on his card shark risk taking abilities.


The Sweetgreen restaurant chain is popular because there is also a good amount of social media buzz that is generated by this company. People that are online are talking about this company. They are generating anticipation about new locations because they are talking about this online. It is forcing people to become familiar with this restaurant chain that promotes healthy eating.



Investment Banking and Finance Professional Martin Lustgarten

Investment banking is one of the most well known fields in the finance industry. This is a branch of finance that deals with the tasks necessary to help raise capital. In order to raise capital, many companies either need to merge with one another or improve their products and services. They may also need to increase their profits as well. No matter what a company seeks to accomplish, investment banking will help them accomplish these goals. With the help of an investment banking firm, companies will be able to take advantage of numerous types of assistance such as making merger deals, managing capital and also getting more information about economic and industry trends.

In the field of investment banking, there are a number of departments that are available to help clients. The most common department is corporate finance. In this department, a firm will work directly with clients and help them with merger deals. It will use information gathered by analysts to make proposals and then explained to clients on how it will benefit them. Another way in which investment banking helps businesses with trading. An investment banking firm will often buy and sell shares of the company stock in order to make money for the client as well as the firm. Lastly, there is research which is available to help gather important information that will benefit the client as well as the firm.

Martin Lustgarten is an investment banking professional who specializes in working with small companies and individuals. He works with small businesses by helping them get the start up capital they need. Lustgarten also helps these companies get funding to grow and expand with the help of referral sources. As well as getting capital for clients, Martin gives businesses advice and feedback on how to get the most out of using their capital. As a result, many businesses will be able to more easily manage their financial resources.

One of the most beneficial services that Martin offers is financial advisory to clients. He often meets with individuals who are in need of recommendations on how to best manage their finances. Martin assesses their needs and then researches financial securities to find which ones will get the most returns. He then recommends these to his clients for them to invest in. This helps them get the best possible returns on a regular basis.

30 LAZY LIFE HACKS for WEIGHT LOSS That Actually Work!!! How to Lose Weight Easily Without Trying

Wengie Lazy Hacks tells you some lazy hacks to lose weight that actually works!

Wengie’s tips to lose weight;

Wengie starts her 30 hacks off with drinking lemon water, by adding lemon, cucumber, and mint to 2 liters of water. You will get a refreshing drink! This mixture not only helps with weight loss but it helps with clear skin! Speaking of water; did you know that drinking two cups of cold water in the morning helps boost metabolism. Wengie explains that eating from a smaller plate helps you to become fuller faster, because the food fills the plate so it is looks like you have a larger portion. Studies show that if you don’t get enough sleep its bad for your bodies metabolism. So make sure your are getting your beauty sleep.

Losing weight with lazy exercise hacks;

Some tips to help you to work out more is to wear a device that tracks your steps, noting that you might have a goal that you meed to meet, it is easier to try and meet it. Make goals everyday, look at motivation and start out slow. When exercising make sure you have a snack. If you have smaller meals but more frequently it lowers your glucose level. Try to do high intensity activities that will break a sweat!

Pamper yourself;

Did you know that chronic stress is a common factor for weight gain. Pamper yourself, take bubble baths, get a manicure and just sit back and relax. Clear your mind, sometimes you have to put yourself first and make sure your body is doing okay.

Markus Rothkranz: Losing Fat By Using Fat

Some people believe that jogging and exercise will burn fat, and while most of the time it can help, Markus Rothkranz explains why it’s not the best or easiest way to burn fat. He has seen people jogging late in the afternoon for years. These people think that they are working off the fat that they have, but they really aren’t. They are working off their lunch, the drinks that they’ve had during the day and the snacks that they’ve had in the afternoon. The body has three sources of energy. The first is food and always will be food. It takes about five to six hours for food to get through the body. Most people eat every few hours, which is too much. When you eat too much, the food doesn’t get used for energy and is turned into fat.

Once food is turned into fat, it’s hard to get rid of as fat is the emergency food supply. It’s what the body turns to in an emergency situation when the body doesn’t have a substantial amount of food at one time. Glycogen is another source of energy. This doesn’t get used up a lot. The key to losing weight and fat, you need to exercise on an empty stomach because after at least 8 hours, the body has no choice but to use stored fat for energy. The fat will get burned off, and you’ll begin to lose weight. As long as you have fat, the body can survive as long as you have water and a few nutrients for survival. The only way to lose fat is if the body has nothing else to use as energy, not by just exercising.

Discovery of New Collateral

Equities First Holdings is an international loan facility leader in alternative shareholder financing solutions. They’ve in the recent past started realizing more traction in stock-based loans and margin loans in a platform where banks and other institutions have increased the lending criteria. For borrowers who are in need of raising capital promptly or are not qualified for conventional credit loans, Equities First Holdings becomes their perfect partners.

In the recent past, lots of banks have tightened their lending options for borrowers and hiked interest rates. EFH CEO has witnessed loans being collateralize by stocks for individuals looking for working capital. That is why at EFH stock-based loans have a higher loan-to-value ratio compared to margin loans; they also come with fixed interest rate thus offering certainty throughout the transaction period.

A stock loan allows borrowers to walk away from the loan at any point, even in the event the stock’s value depreciates and the borrower still gets to keep the initial loan proceeds with no question from the lender.

Some people consider stock-based loans to be synonymous to margin loans although they’re marked differences. Conventional bank loans have variable interest rates, and the borrower can expect values of ten to fifty percent, and in the event of a margin call, a lending company may liquidate a borrower’s collateral without warning. Stock-based loans, on the other hand, have no strict rules i.e. the borrower can use the money for their purposes. Stock-based loans are also non-recourse, meaning the borrowers can walk away even when the corresponding stock value has decreased.

In 2002, Equities First Holdings came alive; they knew that any financial transaction has its risks; this is why they’ve been offering their clients with capital against publicly traded stock or alternative financing solutions to enable customers to meet their professional and personal goals.

The company has recorded more than 650 successful financial transactions which are more than $1.4 billion to date. High loan to values is what characterizes these loans and reduced fixed interest rates. The approval of the loan is subject to the risks and future performance associated with the stocks, bonds, and treasuries

Nathaniel Ru along with Sweetgreen is helping People shift to Healthy Lifestyle

Sweetgreen is a chain restaurant that offers healthy seasonal salad dishes and other contemporary fast food that is widely popular to the people of Washington D.C and in other cities. Students of Georgetown found it very handy for their daily meal. Besides Food, Sweetgreen regularly hosts Sweetlife Festival, a music fest with the combination of healthy food. They also have key initiative in technology which includes Sweetgreen app and lifestyle space.


Sweetgreen was founded in 2007 by Nathaniel Ru, Nicolas Jammet, and Jonathan Neman, just after their graduation from Georgetown University undergraduate business school. At their last semester, they discussed the lack of healthy food sources and opportunities in Georgetown. Neman stated in an interview that they had bonded for three different causes. Number one – love for food, two – want to create or start something and three – a strong commitment to solve a problem in everyone’s life.


Few months after their graduation, they had come up with a vision and business plan for a new venture. However, Ru, Jammet and Neman had no prior experience to do this. Fortunately, their parents were already successful entrepreneurs and helped them a lot to execute their plan. Most interestingly, the three don’t have any idea what it needed to start a business, and no one of them had any idea about the food industry.


Sweetgreen raised an initial investment of $350,000 from the parents of three founders and Washington’s Latino Economic Development Center. They have raised money for investment couple of times from Revolution Growth and by themselves. Sweetgreen has raised over $95 million to date.


Sweetgreen has involved them in community service as well. Through a program called “Sweetgreen in Schools” launched in 2010, works in close collaboration with school student to educate them about nutrition in food and healthy eating habits. To date, around 20,000 participants join their program.


Nathaniel Ru is the co-CEO of SweetGreen. In an interview, he told that they are creating a brand that stands for something and committed to feed people better food. The company doesn’t have any Headquarter, and when Nathanial Ru was asked for the reason, he stated that rather that growing a giant corporate house, they believe in decentralizing business. Ru is busy these days traveling to open up new branches in other countries.


In an interactive interview the Co-CEO of the company, Nathaniel Ru stated that reading book is the most important thing he should do regardless the time he gets. He believes that building a good team is crucial to run a successful business and they do it very wisely. Ru also stated that the employees should understand the value of the principles of Sweetgreen and employ only those team members who can represent these values to their customers.